How to get your Call of Duty Vanguard Report: View full career stats

Luca Di Marzo
Vanguard Operator Anna

Call of Duty’s Vanguard Report is available to all players who have dabbled with the game’s multiplayer and here’s what you need to do to get a detailed look at your stats.

Thanks to the Call of Duty Twitter account, Vanguard players now have a new method to analyze their multiplayer performance. You can easily flex your statistics on Twitter to prove you’re the best around.

There’s no hiding from the truth and as the saying goes: numbers don’t lie. Whether you’re eager to share your impressive K/D or merely curious to find out what your best killstreak is, your stats will be posted for all to see.

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How to Get Your Call of Duty: Vanguard Report

You’ll need to head to Twitter in order to access Call of Duty’s complete Vanguard Report. Therefore players are required to have an active Twitter account as well as an Activision ID.

If you’re wondering what your Activision ID is, you can figure that out by opening up Vanguard and heading to Settings, Account & Network, and selecting Activision Account. Once you have your Activision ID the process is simple:

  • Open up Twitter on mobile or desktop.
  • Tweet to @CallofDuty and include the hashtag #VanguardReport as well as your Activision ID complete with the corresponding numbers.

If you’re a visual learner, the above Tweet provides a simple tutorial on how to receive your complete Vanguard Report. The response may not be immediate, but you’ll eventually receive a reply to your tweet with a complete rundown of your Vanguard statistics.

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The Vanguard Report will showcase your total eliminations, total wins, most eliminations in a game, best killstreak, and most importantly your eliminations/death ratio.

Some players may not like the idea of their stats being publicly displayed, but if you’re lucky, you’ll gain some serious bragging rights over your squad.

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