CoD: Vanguard Beta brings back Lobby disband feature: Potential return of SBMM?

cod vanguard beta SBMM lobbies

Lobbies in the CoD: Vanguard beta are being disbanded after every match, which could mean the return of SBMM.

Skill-Based Match Making, or SBMM for short, has been the bane of both professional and casual gamers. Players are assigned a hidden rank that changes based on how they perform. Skill-Based Match Making puts players of the same or similar rank in lobbies together.

Streamers and content creators are among the most vocal when it comes to SBMM. While they want to have a casual gaming experience on stream, they are constantly met with players of equal or greater skill. Players ask why SBMM is in casual play when ranked play is an option.

With the Call of Duty: Vanguard Beta in full swing, players are starting to notice a trend. After every round, the game disbands the existing lobby. This is what happens in Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War and could signify that SBMM is returning.

Call of Duty: Vanguard Operators fighting

Vanguard Beta points towards SBMM return

It seems that the CoD community has differing opinions regarding the possibility of SBMM in the Vanguard beta. Many believe the disbanding lobbies is proof that SBMM will be in Vanguard. Others believe the disbanding is simply a way to keep opponents fresh.

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Some players believe that a player’s performance is rated after every match. The game disbands lobbies to review their play and then puts players in different brackets. If lobbies didn’t disband, players might continually face players of a higher skill level.

Other players seem annoyed that lobbies disband regardless of whether SBMM is returning. Long-time fans of the franchise wish CoD would allow you to stay in the same lobbies like “in the old days.”

But of course, there are those who complain about SBMM being what it is. Players either don’t want SBMM to ruin their casual experience or want to play against less-skilled players. Either way, it seems very likely that SBMM will be in Vanguard.

That being said, what are your thoughts on Vanguard’s potential SBMM? Do you want lobby disbanding and SBMM, or would you rather return to how CoD lobbies were? Let us know your thoughts on our Charlie INTEL Facebook Page and Charlie INTEL Twitter Page!

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Image credits: Activision

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