Call of Duty: Vanguard players want to see specific type of crossplay

keyboard and mouse cod vanguard

Players are keen for Sledgehammer Games to make sure that player’s input settings are considered when finding multiplayer matches in Call of Duty: Vanguard – citing keyboard and mouse players as having a big advantage.

Matchmaking can sometimes single-handedly decide how the course of a match is going to play out. SBMM (Skill-Based Matchmaking) has shown in the last few years how much it can play a part in the difficulty of a lobby, with players regularly complaining about it.

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Another issue with matchmaking is the inconsistency in Call of Duty’s ability to match players with similar controller inputs. Crossplay allows players on different platforms to wage war with each other, but it can mean that the slower nature of a controller can be outmatched by a keyboard and mouse.

CoD players have been making their case as to why Sledgehammer Games should bear this in mind when it comes to Vanguard’s matchmaking.

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character taking cover in cod vanguard

Kbm (keyboard and mouse) are by nature much quicker than a controller. The method is a lot more precise and can be controlled more easily at higher aiming speeds.

Reddit user Aggravating_Permit98 has discussed the advantages of keyboard and mouse players: “Do you guys think this will be an option in Vanguard? I hope it is, mixed input crossplay in my opinion ruins crossplay for a lot of people who don’t wanna sweat against kbm players but still wanna play with people on other consoles.

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“It’s very abundantly clear that kbm has all of the advantages in these lobbies, and I feel like there should be an option to matchmake based on input.”

In short, the player feels that whilst crossplay is a great option as it can provide more matches in similar regions by incorporating more platforms, players don’t get a say in which inputs they come up against.

One Reddit user offered their take on the argument by providing their own personal experience with controller input crossplay issues: “This is the main reason why I never play Warzone. Being on Xbox, it’s just unenjoyable. Also, sometimes in a multiplayer lobby, you’ll get a cheeky mouse user and he usually ends up getting the most kills.”

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Each Call of Duty usually tries to one-up previous titles by offering more customization options and making them as accessible as can be.

With nothing to suggest that SBMM is going away anytime soon, Sledgehammer may end up taking this information on board and provide greater network search settings for players to only face players of a similar input in Vanguard.

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Image Credit: Activision / Sledgehammer Games

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