Bizarre Vanguard Optic glitch is making it impossible to aim

Vanguard optic glitch

A new Vanguard glitch is prohibiting players from aiming straight due to off-centered sights on weapon Optics.

Of all the bugs and glitches running rampant in Vanguard Multiplayer at the moment, this new Optic glitch may be one of the most limiting as it prohibits players from accurately taking down enemies.

Due to a strange issue with the centering of reticles on Optics, players are finding it difficult to hit accurate shots.

Vanguard glitched optic sight

A post shared to the Vanguard subreddit showcases a player testing out different Optics on an MP40. At first, the player displays the weapon’s iron sights and we can see that the iron sights are slightly not centered.

Although, it is difficult to notice a difference without an Optic the staggering change is brought to our attention with images of the player aiming down sight with the Slate Reflector and Nydar Model 47.

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Vanguard mp40 gliched optic sight

It’s clear to see in the photo above that the reticle is way off center which would make it incredibly difficult to accurately hit targets. You can check out the original post to see more images of the broken reticles.

One comment perfectly captures the reaction of seeing the Nydar Model 47 reticle in the image above “First pic: i dont see an issue? Second pic: how the f***”

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Although some settings such as motion blur can cause a momentary distortion of your weapon Optics when firing, it’s clear in the image that the player is not firing bullets and simply aiming down sight.

The title of the post also speculates that this issue is impacting Warzone players, which should place it high on the priority list for the devs to fix.

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Image Credits: Activision / Sledgehammer Games