Best KG M40 loadout for Vanguard Season 2

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Best Vanguard KG M40 loadout

The KG M40 Assault Rifle arrives in Vanguard Season 2, but the weapon is already available in Private Matches. This gives us an early look at the attachments, so here’s the best KG M40 loadout for Season 2.

Vanguard Season 2’s update has gone live, making changes to the game before all of the new content unlocks on February 14. The KG M40 Assault Rifle and Whitley LMG are arriving as part of the Battle Pass, but they’ve actually unlocked in Private Matches already.

Here are all of the attachments, Perks, and Equipment you need to make the best KG M40 Assault Rifle class in Call of Duty: Vanguard Season 2.

Best Vanguard KG M40 loadout attachments

Vanguard KG M40 gunsmith attachments
  • Muzzle: F8 Stabilizer
  • Barrel: Krausnick 700mm 01V
  • Optic: Slate Reflector
  • Stock: VDD 22G Padded
  • Underbarrel: M1941 Hand Stop
  • Magazine: .30-06 50 Round Drums
  • Ammo Type: Lengthened
  • Rear Grip: Stippled Grip / Fabric Grip
  • Proficiency: Tight Grip
  • Kit: Fully Loaded

We’ve built this KG M40 to be as accurate as possible, making it the ideal weapon to hold down lanes and take out players at medium range. You won’t be darting around finessing your opponents, but you’ll have no issue gunning them down.

The F8 Stabilizer, Krausnick 700mm 01V Barrel, and m1941 Hand Stop make the weapon extremely accurate, reducing the dreaded bloom mechanic and helping with recoil control. This does slow the weapon down, so we’ve used the VDD 22G Padded Stock to increase your sprint to fire speed.

Vanguard Operators using KG M40 Assault Rifle

The .30-06 50 Round Drums transform the KG M40, improving its range, bullet velocity, and damage. Plus, the 50 Round Drums are useful to counter its slow reload time. Then, the Lengthened Ammunition make the weapon kill even faster.

The Stippled Grip makes your initial shots more accurate, but you can also use the Fabric Grip if you’d rather sacrifice some accuracy for ADS speed. Then, the Tight Grip Perk makes your KG M40 more accurate the longer you hold the trigger.

We would recommend Surplus Kit until the weapon’s leveled up, and then Fully Loaded once you’ve unlocked all of the attachments you want to use. And finally, the Slate Reflector Optic is always a solid choice.

Best Perks & Equipment to use with Vanguard KG M40

Sticky Bomb equipment in Vanguard Season 2
  • Perk 1: Ghost
  • Perk 2: Forward Intel
  • Perk 3: Lightweight
  • Lethal Equipment: Sticky Bomb
  • Tactical Equipment: Stun Grenade

You won’t be running around with this KG M40 build, so it’s well worth using the Ghost Perk to hide from UAVs and surprise the enemy.

Forward Intel is one of the most powerful Perks in the game, allowing you to see exactly where the enemy team is spawning. And because the KG M40 is heavy for an Assault Rifle, you’ll want the movement speed boost that Lightweight offers.

The Sticky Bomb is unlocked at Tier 39 of the Season 2 Battle Pass, and if it’s anything like the Semtex from Cold War and Warzone, it will be an excellent tool in Vanguard’s multiplayer.

And finally, the Stun Grenade is perfect for clearing out a room, where you can disorientate your enemy before pushing in.

How to unlock KG M40 in Vanguard

KG M40 assault rifle in warzone and vanguard

Vanguard’s KG M40 Assault Rifle can be unlocked for free at Tier 15 of the Warzone and Vanguard Season 2 Battle Pass.

It shouldn’t take players too long to unlock the KG M40, and then you can check out the fastest ways to level up guns to max it out as soon as possible.

Best alternatives to Vanguard’s KG M40

The STG44 has remained an excellent choice at all ranges in Vanguard’s multiplayer, but you can use the BAR if you’re looking for something similar to the KG M40.

For more Vanguard content, you can check out all of the upcoming changes to the Zombies mode.

Image Credit: Sledgehammer Games

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