Modern Warfare 2’s Dead Silence gives away your position with loud audio cue

Modern Warfare 2 player and Dead Silence field upgradeActivision

The controversial Dead Silence Field Upgrade received major nerfs in Modern Warfare 2’s beta and one of the most significant changes is that it activates with a loud audio cue that gives away your position.

PlayStation, Xbox, and PC players have now all had the chance to play Modern Warfare 2’s beta, and the community is as split as ever. Minimap changes and footstep audio are divisive topics, but the Dead Silence Field Upgrade has also been a major talking point. Not only has it almost completely lost its movement speed bonus, but players have to bring out and activate a radio-like device just to activate it.

Now, players have discovered that popping Dead Silence actually gives a loud audio cue that allows enemies to pinpoint their position.

Competitive-focused Twitter account CDL Intel shared the revelation, explaining that alongside the animation, “there’s a loud sound cue on the enemies end too.”

The video they shared proved that there’s a loud beeping noise that can only be heard from the enemy, and the example showed two players getting discovered when they expected Dead Silence to give them a major advantage.

As the audio is only on the enemies’ side, many had no idea that Dead Silence was revealing their position. CDL caster Joe ‘MerK‘ DeLuca replied, “I kept hearing that and thought something blew up on the map or someone set a microwave off. What the hell.”

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“It’s so you can’t camp a corner and dead silence when [there are] 6 dudes in front of you. Learn when to use it and it’s not an issue,” said Twitter user ultimatekc_.

Another user explained that they like the state of Dead Silence because “it still offers the same perks but it offers some risk before the reward.” However, another player countered that it offers fewer advantages with more disadvantages. “How could you think that it’s in a good state with the negatives outweighing the positives?”

“So basically there’s nothing dead about that silence,” argued another. “Pretty much replaced footsteps with an alarm.”

With the conflicting feedback, it remains to be seen whether Infinity Ward will make any further Dead Silence changes ahead of launch. On September 26, the devs adjusted the new Perk Package system to grant players their Perks faster but doubled down on the controversial mini map changes.

Image Credit: Activision / Infinity Ward

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