JGOD explains why Modern Warfare 2’s “crappy” spawn system desperately needs to change

Liam Mackay
Call of Duty YouTuber JGOD

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s beta concluded on September 27 and many of its features have proved controversial. One of these is the return of 2019’s ‘squad spawns,’ and YouTuber JGOD explained why the “crappy” system needs to change.

Players across every platform had the chance to check out Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer in the beta, experiencing the new weapons, maps, and mechanics ahead of its October 28 launch.

Some of Infinity Ward’s decisions have been controversial, with many players pushing back against the decision to abandon the classic minimap again, no longer showing when an enemy fires an unsuppressed weapon. Top Call of Duty YouTuber JGOD believes that the spawn system is the bigger issue, however.

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Modern Warfare 2 has included 2019’s ‘squad spawn’ system, where, boiled down to its most basic, players are spawned near their teammates rather than in dedicated, predictable areas of the map. JGOD said that there’s “almost no correlation there to common sense logic on the way the map should operate in terms of sides.”

He explained that squad spawns have been “literally copy and pasted” over from Modern Warfare 2019 and “they’ve made no acknowledgment to their crappy spawn system.”

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“If you’re more of a newer player, you’re coming from a different game that’s not Call of Duty, you might not necessarily notice much but it’s kinda glaringly obvious how bad the spawns are in the game with the squad spawns.”

Looking back on Vanguard, JGOD explained that spawns were “infinitely better” after they brought in a more traditional system during Season 2. He suggested that if they fix these spawns “like Vanguard at least tried to,” then “the minimap is almost a non-issue.”

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JGOD suggested that with a more traditional spawn system, you can use the minimap to read where players will be “based on spawn logic, not guessing because spawns are random or irregular.”

JGOD did enjoy his time with the beta overall but hopes that Infinity Ward will tweak a few issues such as UI, the spawns, and the Perk Package system.

Image Credit: JGOD

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