How to get MGB Tactical Nuke Killstreak in Modern Warfare 2

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Nuke killstreak in modern warfare 2

Earning a Tactical Nuke Killstreak is the ultimate achievement in Call of Duty multiplayer, and players are wondering how to get the MGB in Modern Warfare 2.

Killstreaks reward the players who can rack up a ton of kills while staying alive with some powerful rewards, but the original Modern Warfare 2 brought in the ultimate streak — the Tactical Nuke.

Whoever could rack up 25 kills without dying would end the match with a nuclear blast, automatically giving their side the win. The nuke has returned in several Call of Duty games including Modern Warfare 2019, Cold War, and Vanguard.

With Modern Warfare 2 now here, you might be wondering how to earn it in multiplayer. Here’s everything you need to know about the Nuke Killstreak in Modern Warfare 2.

How to get a Nuke Killstreak in Modern Warfare 2

The MGB Nuke won’t be easy to earn in Modern Warfare 2, as it’ll require players to earn a 30 Killstreak in a single match — the same requirement as Modern Warfare.

It appears to have the same conditions as Modern Warfare and Vanguard, where it must be earned through weapons and equipment and Killstreak kills won’t count.

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, the Nuke has received a name change, as you’ll notice it appears as the MGB in-game.

How to use the MGB Nuke Killstreak in Modern Warfare 2

MGB Nuke inbound Modern Warfare 2

Once the MGB Nuke Killstreak is earned, it’ll appear alongside the rest of your earned streaks, so just press right on the D-Pad or bring up the Killstreak Wheel to select the MGB and detonate it.

Rather than an actual nuke, the Killstreak appears to level the map with a series of powerful missiles. After a player earns it, the tablet they take out shows that MGB stands for ‘Mass Guided Bombs’.

After your character punches in the code, there’ll be a 10-second countdown and the match will end, giving whoever called it in the win. Explosions will cover the map and the player is left looking at the burning wreckage before the team that called it in wins the game.

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