Modern Warfare 2 campaign safe codes: El Sin Nombre & Alone safe locations

Joseph Pascoulis
unlocking a safe in the modern warfare 2 campaign

For completionists and trophy hunters looking to get the Modern Warfare 2 Gentleman Thief achievement done, here are all the safe codes you’ll need for the MW2 campaign.

While Call of Duty fans gear up for the launch of Modern Warfare 2‘s multiplayer, those who pre-ordered have access to the campaign early, giving players an early look at the game’s dramatic story.

As players rush to complete the campaign and find out where the sequel of Modern Warfare 2019’s story will go, some like to take it more slowly, completing missions with the aim of achieving trophies and achievements.

One of the achievements that can cause players some issues is Gentleman Thief, which requires players to “open three safes in the Campaign.”

For those interested in completing this achievement, here are all of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 safe codes and their locations.

Valeria interrogating Soap in Modern Warfare 2 El Sin Nombre mission

All Modern Warfare 2 campaign safe codes & locations

El Sin Nombre safe location & code

The first safe that players will be opening in the Modern Warfare 2 campaign is in the mission El Sin Nombre. This safe can be found in the El Sin Nombre mansion, within Diego’s bedroom inside of a cupboard.

Here’s the code for the El Sin Nombre safe:

  • Safe code: 02-02-80

Alone safe locations & codes

The last two safes are in the mission Alone, and the first can be found and opened in the manager’s office of the coffee shop. On the floor next to the desk in the office you’ll find the first safe.

The second safe is found close by in a garage and repair shop, El Maistro garage, which can be seen on the right side of the road, just before entering the alleyway on the way to the church. Crawl under the door and into the office of the garage shop, and you’ll find the safe.

The following are both the codes for the two safes that can be found in the Modern Warfare 2 mission Alone:

  • Safe code 1: 10-10-80
  • Safe code 2: 37-60-80

That’s all for how to find and unlock the safes in Modern Warfare 2’s campaign. For more on Modern Warfare 2, make sure you check out the leaked Mastery camos.

Image Credits: Activision