Modern Warfare 2 confirmed for Steam with major reveal

Matt Porter
Steam logo and Ghost from Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty fans on PC officially have confirmation that Modern Warfare 2 will be launching on Steam later this year.

Throughout the franchise’s history, Call of Duty has predominately been a console title, with most players jumping onto their Xbox or PlayStations to enjoy the game.

That has changed in recent years though, with more and more fans of the series purchasing the game on PC. Playing on PC comes with a number of benefits, including the ability to choose which controller you want to use, and enhanced graphical settings.

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For the past few years, the only way to play Call of Duty was to purchase it from Activision Blizzard’s launcher. However, this will now change as Modern Warfare 2 will officially be available on Steam.

Along with a brand-new teaser trailer that unveiled the official reveal for Modern Warfare 2, Steam’s Twitter account joined in on the fun, making it official that the game will be released on Valve’s marketplace.

Although the Tweet doesn’t put the partnership into words, it’s clear that Modern Warfare 2 will be launching on Steam otherwise there would be no interaction between the two. Modern Warfare 2 will also be available on for those who prefer to use that platform.

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Steam is a huge platform for PC gamers and so not having Call of Duty games on the platform for the last five years has been an inconvenience. Thankfully, Modern Warfare 2 will change this, especially as it’s set to be one of Call of Duty’s biggest game launches of all time.

Despite the news now being official prior to June 2, on May 29, eagle-eyed fans found Modern Warfare 2 artwork on Steam, suggesting it would be launching on the platform. It seems this was indeed a major hint at Call of Duty games returning to steam.

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Sledgehammer’s World War II was the last new Call of Duty release to appear on Steam, with subsequent games exclusive to, so the news is pretty significant.

This is just the latest in a long list of news and leaks that have appeared for MW2 over the past few weeks. Information from the PlayStation store claims Modern Warfare 2 could have VR support, while rumors claim major skill-based matchmaking changes are also on the way.

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So, there you have it, Modern Warfare 2 will be available on Steam come the game’s launch on October 28. For more, check out our piece on MW2 potentially having an element of VR.

Image Credits: Infinity Ward / Activision

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