Modern Warfare 2 players want Infinity Ward to steal Perk system from CoD Ghosts

Nathan Warby
Modern Warfare 2 characters in a line

Modern Warfare 2 introduces a new Perk system when building loadouts, but after trying it out in the beta, players are calling for Infinity Ward to take cues from CoD Ghosts before the game’s full release.

Infinity Ward are going all out in Modern Warfare 2 by shaking up the classic CoD formula in a number of ways. Gunsmith 2.0 changes the way weapons are customized, while the decision to remove traditional slide canceling will drastically affect movement.

One of the biggest adjustments, however, is the new Perk system, which sees the most powerful Perks locked behind in-game timers. After trying out the feature for the first time in the Modern Warfare 2 beta, players aren’t completely convinced that the change is for the better.

In fact, they’ve now urged Infinity Ward to bring back the Perk system from a mostly forgotten game in the series – CoD Ghosts.

As the first weekend of the Modern Warfare 2 beta came to a close, Reddit user Falloutfan4ever posted a screenshot of Ghosts’ Perk selection. “IW, if you are so hell-bent on changing the perks take inspiration from this,” the post said.

In CoD Ghosts, Perks were broken up into seven categories relating to a certain area of the game, such as Speed, Stealth, or Awareness. Each individual Perk was then assigned a points value, and players had a maximum of 12 points to spend.

The big advantage was that multiple Perks could be chosen from the same category, letting players really double down on a certain playstyle.

With Modern Warfare 2 offering Base Perks from the start of a match, then a Bonus and Ultimate Perk after four and eight minutes respectively, the community feels that the Ghosts system provides more flexibility without being overpowered.

“The combinations were endless and as long as the points corresponded to how powerful the perks were, the system was balanced,” agreed Amazing_Following452. “At least with this system you can choose how you want to play.”

“I’m surprised this hasn’t been added to another CoD since Ghosts, it was such a good way of doing the perk system,” said another reply.

Many felt that CoD Ghosts’ reputation as a disappointing game in the series has led to the idea being scrapped despite its qualities.

“I feel like the only reason this system gets overlooked is because it’s associated with one of the most forgettable CoD’s ever made. The concept itself is remarkable and it’s a shame it hasn’t been brought back,” said ThinderGTS.

With the release of Modern Warfare 2 just weeks away, it’s unlikely that Infinity Ward will throw out their current Perk setup completely. But, based on feedback from the beta, don’t be surprised to see some fine-tuning by the time October 28 rolls around.

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Image credits: Activision