Modern Warfare 2 players slam Platform-based weapon unlock system

Hamza Khalid
Modern Warfare 2 weapon unlock tree system

Modern Warfare 2 features over 50 weapons, and you can unlock many of them through the Platform unlock system, but players are not happy with the inclusion of this feature in the game.

After a long wait, Modern Warfare 2 has finally arrived, bringing a ton of brand-new content for Call of Duty players to explore, including a plethora of powerful weapons and camos that can be unlocked.

Modern Warfare 2’s Platform feature requires you to progress through a weapon tree to get your hands on specific guns. However, this has not sat well with players who feel that it makes unlocking weapons too complicated.

Reddit user ‘ru5tysn4k3’ stated that they wanted to unlock a red and black camo but would need to get the MINIBAK to level 14 before they could unlock that challenge. Once that’s done, they would need to get the Vaznev-9k to level 14 as well.

Then they’d need to upgrade another weapon that they hadn’t unlocked. The Redditor shared their frustration about this system in the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit as they sarcastically asked: “Wait, why am I playing with this gun?”

This is a major aspect of this feature. For example, unlocking the FTAC Recon requires you to bring the M4 to at least Level 14. Many players in the thread feel that this system makes it difficult to keep track of which task unlocks what.

One commenter stated: “It’s a mess trying to keep up with what unlocks what and at what level. All the meanwhile, trying to remember what you wanted to unlock in the first place.”

This system is meant to incentivize players to get out of their comfort zone by trying out different weapons until they unlock the one they actually want. However, the process of unlocking those guns is making players impatient.

One of the users in the thread commented: “I like to use guns I want to use, and I don’t want to waste time on guns that I never wanted to use in the first place.” They then slammed the devs for making players “go down a rabbit trail to unlock 10 guns and use them to various levels.”

While many players were critical of this system, a few defenders could be found in the thread. One of them described the weapon unlock system as confusing but “an improvement over the last few CoDs.”

They then explained: “Instead of having to unlock one red dot sight 51 times, you unlock it once for every gun. Same with camos. Sure, the menus are garbage, but they lessened the amount of grinding without compromising the number of items, which I think is good.”

Even the defenders of this system agreed that the menus need to be reworked so that it’s easier to figure out what you’ve unlocked. Since the game just arrived, it remains to be seen how the devs will respond to these complaints.

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Image credits: Activision