Modern Warfare 2 players slam “hideous” animated Polyatomic camo after update

MW2 player holding weapon with Polyatomic camo

The March 21 update for Modern Warfare 2 secretly overhauled the rare Polyatomic Masery camo to make it animated, but players who have put the time in to unlock the camo aren’t too happy with the new look.

The Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 Reloaded brought plenty of new content to multiplayer, including the new Tempus Torrent Marksman Rifle and Himmelmatt Expo 6vp map, along with a host of weapon balancing changes.

However, the devs wasted no time in pushing out the next update, with a small patch arriving on March 21. While it was mostly glitch and bug fixes, players did notice a drastic change not mentioned in the patch notes – the coveted Polyatomic Camo is now fully animated.

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In what used to be a regular static camo, the purple pattern now slowly drifts across the weapon. However, Modern Warfare 2 players have criticized the change and accused the devs of “ruining” the Polyatomic Camo.

On a Reddit thread started by ‘Lorenso0,’ many community members called out the new look and claimed to prefer the old style.

“I liked the old one better. The fractured texture and black accents were nice, now it’s just glossy and animated,” said one reply. “Way to ruin the best looking camo in the game. F**king dumbasses,” agreed another.

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On a separate thread, other players called the new animated Polyatomic Camo “hideous,” and slammed Infinity Ward for changing a camo after many players had already worked hard to unlock it based on the old look.

“You are telling me I just finished grinding tens of hours for polyatomic just for them to INSTANTLY switch it from this to this? You have to be f**king trolling at this point,” said ‘missiilekid.’

“When can I be sure something is its final intended form and when can I breathe easy knowing the developers aren’t just going to change something I grinded and played hard for overnight?”

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To earn Polyatomic in Modern Warfare 2, players must earn Platinum Camo on 51 of the game’s weapons, which can take dozens if not hundreds of hours. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why players who preferred the original Polyatmic are frustrated to see it altered without warning.

The devs are yet to officially mention the change, so only time will tell if the old Polyatomic Camo will return following the complaints, or if players will have the option the switch between the two in the future.

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Image credit: Activision