Modern Warfare 2 players demand missing nameplate feature to improve poor visibility

Luca Di Marzo
Modern Warfare 2 Operators in hotel

Enemy nameplates have not appeared in the Modern Warfare 2 beta and players claim that the feature would alleviate some of the game’s issues with poor visibility.

As players continue to enjoy the Modern Warfare 2 beta, they’ll surely get to grips with all of the new features that Infinity Ward have added to the game. From new movement mechanics like ledge-hanging, to the new Perk and Gunsmith systems, there’s a lot to explore.

While new features are always a welcome sight, absent features often tend to attract the attention of long-time Call of Duty players. It didn’t take long for players to voice their negative opinions of the Modern Warfare 2 minimap.

It seems like players have set their sights on another missing feature, as the absence of enemy nameplates has not gone under the radar. Call of Duty players have always used nameplates to identify enemy targets, but the feature is absent from the Modern Warfare 2 beta.

The lack of enemy nameplates has been amplified by what players are calling “visibility issues and visual clutter,” which makes the absence noticeable. A post found on the Modern Warfare subreddit explains why enemy nameplates could improve the game.

For starters, the post acknowledges that the absence of nameplates could be intentional, or it could be the result of a bug. While the devs have yet to comment on the issue, the Modern Warfare 2 menu does reveal an option for enemy nameplates, which has led to confusion.

Whether or not the lack of nameplates in Modern Warfare 2 is due to the result of a bug, players shared their thoughts on the game’s visual issues: “I sure agree, the nameplates need to return. Impossible at times to see anything.”

Due to the lack of nameplates, players have been shooting anyone they bump into on the map, including their own teammates: “Yeah it happens a lot that I run past my teammate and we just start shooting each other before we realize we’re friendlies.”

Another player reveals that it’s been difficult to keep track of players during the beta due to the distracting visual recoil when firing and lack of nameplates: “I start shooting and actually lose track of the enemy because of no nameplates + the visual recoil being so horrible.”

The devs will surely continue to tweak aspects of Modern Warfare 2 throughout the beta period. Hopefully, players will receive clarity on whether the lack of nameplates is a result of a bug, or if it’s an intentional decision by Infinity Ward.

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