Modern Warfare 2 players beg devs to nerf Riot Shields as camo grind struggles continue

Andrew Highton
modern warfare 2 operators outside of room with riot shield

Modern Warfare 2 players are becoming increasingly frustrated with Riot Shields as their ability to prevent damage, even when not in use, is making the camo grind a nightmare to complete.

Camo challenges are what many CoD players look forward to each year as they spend hours upon hours completing individual challenges for every weapon in a bid to achieve the ultimate camo.

In Modern Warfare 2’s case, it’s Orion, and you also have to achieve Gold, Platinum, and Polyatomic on the way. A big help in this scenario has been the inclusion of the Shipment 24/7 playlist with the returning map being a huge help for camo hunters.

However, this huge boost is also being hindered by the fact that Riot Shields are still OP and despite the constant pleas from players, they are falling on deaf ears.

If a player equips the Riot Shield as a secondary weapon, then it will be on the player’s back until they opt to use it. The shield covers up a large portion of the player’s back, and it’s not just there for show, if any bullets come that person’s way, the Riot Shield will deflect them.

Reddit user celmbo3 thinks that enough is enough and “Carrying a Riot Shield on your back needs to be nerfed.”

“Kills from behind camos were [awful] before, but now I can’t play a single match of Shipment without the majority of people having the stupid shield on their back and never actually using it,” said one disgruntled player.

In terms of camo challenges, another player also said: “The Riot Shield helps other players get the 15 kills from behind with the Kastov 762 Camo. Sarcasm.”

Aside from camo challenges, they also prevent your teammates from killing enemies: “I don’t even care if enemies do this. It’s my own damn team blocking my shots when they run in front of me,” explained a user.

There are definitely a few issues with Riot Shields in their current state, and given that the devs are always looking to improve the game, there is always a chance they could make additional changes in the coming future.

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Image Credit: Activision