Modern Warfare 2 file size: PC, Xbox & PlayStation

Hamza Khalid
Modern Warfare 2 file size on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox

Before you hop into the highly-anticipated Modern Warfare 2, you’ll need to know exactly how large the game file is, so we’ll go over the exact size on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Modern Warfare 2 is set to go live on PC and consoles on October 28, but Call of Duty players that digitally pre-ordered the game can check out the action quicker in the Campaign’s Early Access.

The game features a plethora of content to explore such as legendary multiplayer maps, and it’s important to know exactly how much storage space Modern Warfare 2 will take up before you download it.

Modern Warfare 2 file size on PC

Modern Warfare 2 will require at least 72 GB at launch on PC as confirmed by Infinity Ward in a blog post about the minimum requirements for the game. So, you can’t run it on a low-end PC that doesn’t have a ton of disk space.

Players that have Campaign Early Access through can pre-load it after downloading 34.6GB. For Steam users, the pre-load download size is 29.9GB.

If your PC is currently running low on storage then you should delete large files that are taking up space in your system. Running a system cleaner is the quickest way to remove large files that you don’t need.

Modern Warfare 2 file size on Playstation 4 & PlayStation 5

Modern Warfare 2’s base game will take up 35.490 GB on PS4 and 36.201 GB on PS5 at launch. There are also two campaign packs that will take up an additional 8.105 GB and 8.609 GB of storage space.

The multiplayer pack size is 4.959 GB and Spec Ops needs 2.619 GB of storage space on PlayStation consoles.

Modern Warfare 2 file size on Xbox

The Modern Warfare 2 base game’s size is 37.4 GB on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. You’ll need another 17 GB for the campaign, 8 GB for the multiplayer, and 3.9 GB for Spec Ops. Warzone 2 is included and adds another 5.2 GB to the installation.

It’s worth keeping in mind that Infinity Ward could release more patches ahead of its launch that could change the final size of the game. The developers will continue adding more content to it over the seasons, including new maps, Operators, and game modes.

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Image credits: Activision / Reddit userdemaio

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