Modern Warfare 2 devs respond to broken Polyatomic camo

Polyatomic camo in Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2’s Polyatomic camo became animated in a recent update, but it’s completely ruined its look for some players, prompting the devs to confirm a fix is in the works.

Modern Warfare 2‘s mastery camos are the ultimate reward for the most dedicated players, with Polyatomic showing that players have worked their way through hundreds of long shots across all of the weapon categories.

With Season 2 Reloaded now in full swing, devs released a small update on March 21 that both increased the speed of Orion and animated the Polyatomic camo, making the pattern move across the weapon.

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While some players aren’t happy with the change to Polyatomic in the first place, the camo appears completely broken in some cases, completely losing its texture and looking more like a “barcode.”

The devs are aware that Polyatomic is broken and have confirmed they’re in the process of finding a fix.

Infinity Ward have added a new card to their Trello board of known bugs and issues, confirming that they’re “investigating an issue following the latest update to Polyatomic camos where some surfaces do not display as intended.”

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When we can expect a fix remains to be seen, but the devs are aware of the issues affecting the mastery camo so it should be fixed in the next few weeks.

The next major update, Season 3, is expected to arrive in April but the devs often bring smaller updates between seasons to fix smaller issues such as this.

If you’re in no rush to unlock Polyatomic while it’s broken, then be sure to complete Season 2 Reloaded’s Path of the Ronin challenges to unlock the rare Blowing Blossoms camo.

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Image Credit: Activision