Modern Warfare 2’s AI is the most realistic & deadly ever

Liam Mackay
Modern Warfare 2 Operators at sea

Modern Warfare 2 is set to bring the most advanced and realistic AI that Call of Duty has ever seen, and Infinity Ward have explained how they created these extremely deadly AI.

Modern Warfare 2 has finally been revealed ahead of its October 28 release, with the gameplay reveal trailer showing Task Force 141 in action. The devs have also given a ton of details about the new Field Upgrades, vehicle mechanics, and more, but they’re especially proud of the AI, which they believe brings the world of Modern Warfare to life.

CharlieIntel were invited to a creator session ahead of Modern Warfare 2’s reveal where Mark Grigsby, Animation Director at Infinity Ward, explained what makes the AI so realistic and deadly.

Modern Warfare 2 Operators with night vision goggles

Modern Warfare 2’s devs took inspiration from an unlikely place to design how the AI moves around an area. They observed how an airsoft player tried to avoid getting hit, checked their corners, and preserved their life, and they liked the way it looked.

Capturing military professionals’ movement, Infinity Ward crafted AI that are fully aware of their surroundings, check their corners, and will actually care about their own life. The devs described how the AI will feel like “natural human people who are nervous about their lives.”

Modern Warfare Operators breaching room

What makes them so deadly is that they won’t be mindless bots running out in the open, they’ll be strategically moving through an area trying to be a hard target and will be actively “hunting you.”

This advanced AI isn’t only for the campaign, either. They said that the AI will have the same level of quality in every mode, and plan to incorporate them into Warzone 2.0 for the “best Warzone experience in a long time.”

These bots could also be used for large-scale battles, where they gave the example of a game mode with 300 AI and 100 live players. However, we’ll need to wait and see exactly how Infinity Ward plan to include these advanced AI.

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Image Credit: Activision

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