Infinity Ward address Modern Warfare 2 minimap, visibility, Perks & more in beta community update

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Infinity Ward have commented on player feedback of the Modern Warfare 2 beta, addressing the changes they plan to implement in weekend two.

Week one of the Modern Warfare 2 beta came to a close on September 20 and Infinity Ward have revealed that changes will be made to improve the gameplay experience prior to the start of weekend two on September 22.

Players have been enjoying the Modern Warfare 2 beta, with some even saying it’s ruined Warzone for them. Other players have been quick to point out the game’s biggest issues, but thanks to Infinity Ward’s latest statement, you can find out how the beta is set to improve.

Modern Warfare 2 Perks

Planned changes for weekend two of Modern Warfare 2 beta

For starters, Infinity Ward plan to improve Modern Warfare 2’s visibility, which was one of the game’s major complaints. Their plan is to “reduce muzzle smoke opacity and to increase the visibility of the muzzle flash to help engage someone who is firing at you.”

They also plan on implementing a change that makes it easier to differentiate between enemies and friendlies. Unfortunately for players who were hoping for the return of nameplates, they’ll search for a solution “outside of the standard nameplates above heads of the opposing players.”

The devs have noted the mixed reaction to the new Perk system, and hope to implement tweaks that will please all players. They’re aiming to make ultimate Perks more powerful later in the match, as well as drastically accelerating the earn rate for these Perks.

Players can also expect the devs to adjust footstep audio for weekend two of the beta by reducing the range of footstep audio.

Of course, Infinity Ward will also patch game-play exploits, fix crashes, and eliminate bugs.

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Infinity Ward continue to gather player feedback

While Infinty Ward addressed planned changes coming for weekend two of the beta or at launch, they also addressed player feedback that ultimately may not receive tweaks down the line.

The Modern Warfare 2 minimap has been a hot topic with players preferring the traditional Call of Duty mechanic. The devs explained their reasoning behind the decision to remove red dots from the minimap: “we do not want to punish players for firing their weapons. We also want players to actively search out the origin of a gunshot versus just traveling directly to where the dot is on the mini-map.”

This statement indicates that a change isn’t likely, but they confirmed that they’d continue to gather feedback concerning the topic.

Along the same lines, the devs confirmed that Dead Silence will remain a Field Upgrade as intended. Some players expressed their desire to see Dead Silence as a Perk, but this is unlikely to happen.

Infinity Ward doubled down on their aim to eliminate slide-canceling from Modern Warfare 2. The devs are aware of the current workaround to produce a slide cancel effect, and they will monitor the situation heading into weekend two of the beta.

You can read the full statement from Infinity Ward below.

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Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2 beta community update

Hello #MW2 players!

It has been amazing to see so many of you hopping into Weekend One of our Multiplayer Beta on Sony platforms, and look forward to many more of you joining us for Weekend Two across all platforms.

There has already been a fantastic amount of feedback on Reddit and social media, as well as a ton of stats collected on our side. In addition to the new maps and modes we have lined-up for Weekend Two, we also have some changes (and new things we are trying) that we’ll be sharing with you this week.

Throughout Weekend One, we played the game, watched the game being played, read your feedback, and talked to many of you.

 At a high-level, leading into Weekend Two we:

  • Fixed various crashes
  • Addressed a few game-play exploits
  • Patched some map geo and lighting issues
  • Updated progression for some Gunsmith related bugs

Here are some things we have heard from you on:

Mini-Map Dot Rules

  • Currently in the MW2 Beta, we only show enemy player dots when a UAV is active. The design reason for this is that we do not want to punish players for firing their weapons. We also want players to actively search out the origin of a gunshot versus just traveling directly to where the dot is on the mini-map. We continue to gather feedback on how the game is playing in regards to this topic.

Target Tracking

  • We’ve seen feedback that it is hard to track targets once you get into a firefight. We agree this is an issue and we have changes incoming to reduce muzzle smoke opacity and to increase the visibility of the muzzle flash to help engage someone who is firing at you. These changes should help with tracking your opponents in combat.
  • We are also investigating more ways to visually differentiate Enemies and Friendlies outside of the standard nameplates above heads of the opposing players. We will be trying a few changes in Weekend Two… more on that later this week.

User Interface

  • We’ve seen the feedback around difficulty editing perk packages, managing loadouts and accessing the armory. We have identified some UX issues as well as some bugs– these are things we won’t be able to adjust in time for Beta Weekend Two, but they are top of mind ahead of launch.


  • We’ve seen varied feedback on the Perk Package system. Some players love it and others feel it’s an unnecessary departure from the original system. We feel it’s a nice shake up to how perks work and to the general progression of a match. We’ve also balanced the ultimate perks to be more powerful as you earn them later in the match. We’ll continue testing throughout Beta Weekend Two, including drastically accelerating the earn rate of these to see how players react. Our goal remains improving the flow of all perks ahead of launch.
  • Dead Silence is another hot topic as many players have expressed that they would like to see it as a Perk instead of a Field Upgrade. We believe it is important to game health that rushers are not able to move at high speeds without consequence. Dead Silence as a Field Upgrade creates a balance between freedom of movement and predictability of combat.


  • Footstep audio in week one of the MP Beta was very high, giving players long distance directional information about enemies. For Weekend Two we have some changes coming in. We are reducing the range of footstep audio for the various player movement states (jog, sprint and tactical sprint). This will help soften the cost of moving around the map. The second change is that enemy and friendly footsteps are now distinct. This should help players better understand what’s going on as things move around on the battlefield. More details to follow.


  • Sentiment around the removal of slide-canceling remains positive. We are aware of the workaround and are contemplating how to handle it for Weekend Two of the beta. Additionally, we have some other slide changes for launch which will make this movement feel a bit more fluid and snappy.

Stay tuned to Infinity Ward channels for more details on the changes we will be implementing for Beta ahead of Weekend Two.

Crossplay Beta kicks-off Thursday September 22 at 10:00am PT. We’ll see you there!

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Source: Infinity Ward

Image Credit: Activision

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