How to fix Modern Warfare 2 lighting bug

modern warfare 2 team in cod campaign

Modern Warfare 2 players experiencing a dreaded lighting glitch disrupting the game’s campaign content will be pleased to know that a simple fix will sort it out.

While not reaching the heights of some of CoD’s greatest-ever campaigns, 2022’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 story is still a great time to be had with some exhilarating missions and thrilling developments in the game’s lore.

It contributes to an overall solid Modern Warfare 2 product with Spec Ops and multiplayer also being big factors in the game. There are even challenges to complete throughout the campaign too such as correctly inputting safe codes and giving El Sin Nombre the answers they desire.

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Some Modern Warfare 2 players are being left baffled by a curious lighting bug that is impacting the game’s campaign component and decreasing enjoyment for fans. A quick and easy solution has been found for this MW2 campaign bug though, and we’ll run you through it.

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Modern Warfare 2 campaign lighting glitch solution

Thanks to Modern Warfare 2 Reddit user Angelmaster3, clearing up this lighting bug just requires you to perform a hard reset of the game.

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Doing this will apparently make the issue go away and allow players to play through the game the way it was intended.

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Here’s a brief rundown of these instructions, provided by Angelmaster3, in Modern Warfare 2’s campaign:

  1. Play the MW2 story and see if your screen becomes populated by lots of small, circular lights of different colors.
  2. If it does, simply hold down the power button on your platform of choice until it shuts off.
  3. Next, restart the console and game.
  4. Now, when you get to the campaign menu, choose Mission Select and choose to start it from scratch.
  5. While you may end up losing any progress you’ve made, your version of MW2 should now be free of this technical difficulty.

A ton of users and commenters were grateful to the OP as they pretty much all unanimously agreed that this solution is 100% effective.

Now that you can presumably enjoy the Modern Warfare 2 campaign unimpeded, check out everything we know about Ranked Play in Modern Warfare 2, as well all the latest on Season 2 content.

Image Credit: Activision