COD pro Shotzzy shows off powerful Modern Warfare 2 swimming trick

Andrew Highton
zarqwa hydroelectric water map in cod mw2

Modern Warfare 2 CDL Pro Shotzzy showed off to his viewers a simply unbelievable swimming trick in the game that has left players scratching their heads.

CDL pros are naturally very gifted Call of Duty players and their gameplay is usually on another level than everyone else – given that they are the very best in the world at the game.

This is the case with Anthony Cuevas-Castro AKA Shotzzy, a former CoD World Champion and a current member of OpTic Texas, who regularly streams sessions of Modern Warfare 2, pulling off one ridiculous game after another.

However, the big talking point from one of the gamer’s recent streams was a more simple parkour action, but one that arguably shouldn’t be possible in the Call of Duty title.

Modern Warfare 2 has an array of both classic and new maps, each of which has special properties that make them stand out from the pack.

In this scenario, Zarqwa Hydroelectric is the focus of our attention, and one of the reasons it’s been called such a unique map is due to the body of water running through the map connecting multiple hot spots together.

On stream, Shotzzy was swimming from one section to the commonly used middle hub area of the map, and instead of spending a couple of seconds mantling to escape the water, he instead rises from the water with no assistance.

It appears to be some kind of perfect timing combining the moment you resurface, along with jumping at the right moment. All things considered, this appears to be a very pro movement and will not be something that players can just pull off willy-nilly in the game.

By being able to instantly escape the water and cut out the mantling animation, Shotzzy was then able to quickly turn the tables on the unsuspecting foe in the room and quickly wipe them out.

One reply to Shotzzy’s tweet described the footage as “disgusting” and another person commented: “The fact you can jump out of water without mantling 1000 times baffles me.”

So, if you can practice enough yourself, then maybe this mini-exploit won’t be as exclusive as it may seem from the outset.

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Image Credit: Activision / Shotzzy