New perk and battle royale class could come to CoD: Mobile in Season 4

Liam Mackay
CoD Mobile perk and BR class

Call of Duty: Mobile’s Public Test Build allows players to test new features, and now the Gung-Ho perk and a new battle royale class have been added, revealing they’re potentially joining the full game in Season 4.

We’re now in the final weeks of CoD Mobile Season 3, which is set to end on May 26. Season 3 added more content from Modern Warfare, with the PP19 Bizon, and the Warrior’s Path event. With the season set to be ending soon, players are looking forward to what the next season has in store.

Details surrounding Season 4 are sparse, but a couple of new features have been added to the Public Test Server that could arrive in the game’s next season. Features tested in the server usually make it to the game over the next couple of seasons, so Season 4 is a likely time for these to arrive.

Gung-ho perk black ops cold war

The test server has received the Gung-Ho perk, and a new battle royale class called Time Traveler. They can’t be used yet, but they can be seen in the Public Test Server.

Gung-Ho will be familiar to CoD fans, as the perk has appeared in almost every Call of Duty game since Advanced Warfare. It’s also included in Black Ops Cold War, being one of the best perks for fast gameplay and quickscoping.

In CoD Mobile, the perk allows you to hip-fire your weapon, throw grenades, and change ammo all while sprinting. For fans players who like to run and gun with an SMG, this perk will be the perfect accompaniment to your loadout.

The Time Traveler BR class has also been revealed, but there are very few details about its abilities. This hasn’t stopped players from speculating though, as players took an interest in the class’s ability: Glitch.

CoD Mobile BR

Glitch was a specialist ability in Black Ops III that allowed players to teleport to a previous position, so if it’s anything like BO3’s version, it’ll be interesting to see how it shakes up the CoD Mobile battle royale meta.

Alongside this new perk and class, the test build has added the Dome map, the Clan Wars feature, and various balance changes, especially to the AS VAL and NA-45.

Again, there is no confirmation that this ability and perk will make their way to the regular game as they are, but it’s very possible they will arrive in Season 4 or 5.

Image Credit: Activision

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