New Modern Warfare map coming to CoD Mobile in Season 12

Nicholas Sakadelis

COD Mobile is no stranger to implementing fan-favorite maps from other Call Of Duty games.

We’ve seen the likes of Nuketown from Black Ops and Terminal from Modern Warfare 2 (on top of many, many others). Coming to Season 12 of CoD mobile though, is the introduction of the first large Modern Warfare 2019 map, as announced earlier today on Twitter.

At a quick first glance, it may be a bit difficult to see, but upon further examination, it’s none other than Hackney Yard! Judging from the lighting of this picture, it seems to be a bit dark, perhaps pointing to the addition of a “night mode” for the map.

Hackney Yard – MW 2019

Night mode has been a hotly requested feature for CoD mobile, so it would be fitting for it to make its debut on a Modern Warfare map – the very game that introduced night modes. This comes after 2 seasons of waiting since CoD mobile developers confirmed that dark mode would be coming when responding to a Reddit post in early September.

The Reddit commenter simply asked “are there any plans for night mode MP & BR maps” and got a “Yes” from the official COD mobile Reddit account.

It is currently unclear when night mode will be introduced into Battle Royale, as Modern Warfare 2019 players got their first taste of this in the Haunting Of Verdansk update just 2 weeks ago.

As for Hackney Yard itself, it remains one of the fan favorite Modern Warfare launch maps, offering great close quarters, fast paced combat. Objective modes like Domination and Hardpoint are perfectly suited for the map flow, so expect to see plenty of SMG gameplay, perhaps even the newly added Fennec SMG.

Speaking of the Fennec SMG, Modern Warfare 2019 maps and night mode, CoD mobile has been on quite the MW trend, starting with the addition of the gunfight map “Pine” in Season 10, and even including the Gulag from Warzone as a map in Season 7. It’s currently unknown if any more MW 2019 maps are in the books for a CoD mobile release, but we’ll update when more info becomes available in the future.