Every weapon buff and nerf in CoD Mobile Season 8

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CoD Mobile Season 8 operators in Express

Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 arrives on September 7, bringing Cold War and Warzone’s powerful ZRG 20mm Sniper Rifle and significant weapon changes Here’s every weapon buff and nerf in CoD Mobile Season 8: Train to Nowhere.

Call of Duty Mobile has a huge pool of weapons from almost every Call of Duty, with the past few seasons bringing weapons from the Black Ops series. BO4’s Switchblade X9 arrived in Season 7, and Season 8 brings the ZRG 20mm from Black Ops Cold War which is also an incredibly powerful choice in Warzone.

The ZRG arrives on September 7’s Season 8 update, but the update will also bring significant changes to the existing loot pool — especially to lesser-used burst-fire weapons.

Luckily, the Garena version has listed its full patch notes, revealing every weapon buff and nerf coming in the Season 8 Train to Nowhere update.

Burst-fire weapons buffed in CoD Mobile Season 8

Black Ops Cold War’s KSP 45 arrived in CoD Mobile with the Season 6 update, and despite being burst-fire, it quickly became one of the best weapons in the game. Realizing burst guns’ potential, they’ve brought some of the lesser used burst-fire weapons to the meta in Season 8.

“The strength of the KSP 45 has shown us the great potential of the burst guns in the current release,” explained the devs. “It’s time to bring these diverse burst guns back to the battleground!”

The Season 8 update buffed the Swordfish, Pharo, and Chicom. The Swordfish had its fire rate and speed increased, while the Pharo now has much less recoil and more range. Finally, the Chicopm simply had its damage multiplier increased, allowing it to kill faster.

Plenty of other weapons received buffs and nerfs in the Season 8 update, so check out every change below.

Operators in CoD Mobile Season 8

Every CoD Mobile Season 8 weapon buff & nerf

Multiplayer & Battle Royale

  • Swordfish Buffed
    • Fire Interval between Bursts: Reduced
    • Hip-fire Bullet Spread: Increased (MP Only)
    • ADS Speed: Increased
    • Halberd Mag
      • Fire Interval In Burst: Reduced
  • Pharo Buffed
    • Pharo has great potential in damage, even better than the KSP 45 in its heyday. However, its strange trajectory makes it difficult to get started. We have greatly improved its recoil control and appropriately reduced its range, making its risk and profit more controllable.
    • Recoil: Reduced
    • Range: Reduced
  • Chicom Buffed
    • Damage Multiplier: Increased
  • Oden Buffed
    • Oden remains unchanged while other Assault Rifles with low fire rate have been buffed in the recent releases. To ensure its strength, we have slightly reduced its recoil and increased its range.
    • Recoil: Reduced
    • Range: Increased
  • PPSh-41 Buffed
    • Horizontal Recoil: Reduced
  • Chopper Buffed
    • Chopper is an LMG with high hip-fire accuracy and mobility. However, its short range and low penetration limit its suppression capability that LMGs are known for. Therefore, we have buffed its ADS accuracy, damage, and range.
    • ADS Accuracy: Increased
    • Damage: Increased
    • Range: Increased
  • QXR Buffed
    • QXR was nerfed heavily awhile back and since then, it hasn’t been able to compete with mainstream weapons. Therefore, we want to bring it back to its normal strength.
    • Damage: Increased
  • KRM-262 Buffed
    • In the last adjustment, we improved the benefit of KRM-262’s central pellet hits. However, the average damage of non-precision shots were reduced, which makes it unreliable in high-intensity combat.
    • Therefore, we have adjusted its damage and pellet allocation to improve its fault tolerance of non-precision shots.
    • Damage: Increased
    • Range: Increased
    • Hip-fire Central Pellets Spread: Reduced
  • JAK-12 Nerfed
    • JAK-12 now exceeds the expected suppression capability after a round of buffs in the Shotgun class. Therefore, we have reduced its effective range to make the players more careful in selecting it.
    • Damage Multiplier: Reduced
    • Range: Reduced
  • MX9 Buffed
    • MX9 is extremely low in its strength for its low damage and hard control after previously being nerfed. After the adjustments, we hope to bring it back to normal strength.
    • Damage: Increased
    • Adjusted the damage/range/damage multiplier in Battle Royale to be all the same with MP mode.
  • LK24 Buffed
    • Its high accuracy and stability at medium and long range didn’t attract the players during the current release. It’s time to reward the soldiers who pick up the Precise Mod in BR. (Not available in Zombies Mode)
    • Get-Hit Flinch: Reduced
    • Damage Multiplier: Increased
  • HG 40 Buffed
    • Compared with other SMGs, HG 40 is weak in the fire rate and it cannot exert its advantage. After the adjustments, we hope its effective combat range can go back to the mainstream level to enable the players to make full use of it. (Not available in Zombies Mode)
    • Range: Increased
    • Damage Multiplier: Increased
  • AK-47 Buffed
    • This classic weapon is significantly popular in BR but not that popular in MP. Therefore, we have increased its damage multiplier to improve its strength to the mainstream level.
    • Damage Multiplier: Increased

Battle Royale

  • SVD Buffed
    • We noticed that the players have limited choices of Snipers with a medium fire rate in BR. It’s time to bring a new choice for combat at medium and long distances in BR.
    • Range of First Stage: Increased
    • Damage Multiplier: Increased
    • Base Vertical Recoil: Reduced
  • Type 25 Buffed
    • Range: Increased
    • Damage: Increased
  • GKS Buffed
    • Range: Increased
  • CR-56 AMAX Buffed
    • Compared to other Assault Rifles with a medium fire rate, the damage of CR-56 AMAX is relatively low. Therefore, we increased its damage by putting it in a more balanced place.
    • Damage: Increased
  • HVK-30 Nerfed
    • After being buffed twice, especially in MP mode, HVK-30 is now too powerful in BR combat at medium range. Therefore, we have adjusted its damage penetration in Battle Royale.
    • Range: Adjusted
    • Base Damage: Adjusted

Warzone Mobile arrives later in the year as well, so you can check out how to watch its reveal at the Call of Duty Next event.

Image Credit: Activision

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