CoD Mobile secretly nerfed Season 13’s most powerful gun

Liam Mackay

The ASM10 has long been one of CoD Mobile’s best guns, but the developers made a sneaky change in a bid to nerf the Assault Rifle.

Call of Duty Mobile’s 13th Season is now well underway, and with it came a variety of weapon balance changes. The akimbo Fennec received a strong nerf with its reload speed, damage, and accuracy all taking a hit.

In Call of Duty style, some unannounced weapon changes have also occurred. Eagle-eyed players have noticed a change to the extremely powerful ASM10 Assault Rifle.

Secret CoD Mobile ASM10 nerf

The ASM10 is regarded as one of, if not the best, Assault Rifles in CoD Mobile Season 13. It’s capable of killing an enemy in only three shots at 20 meters and has very manageable recoil.

cod mobile asm10

Players noticed an overnight stealth nerf to the gun, with the standard mag size being taken from 30 rounds down to 25.

The weapon will now be less forgiving than it was before, and you either need to sacrifice mobility for an extended magazine or adjust your playstyle.

As tested by CoD Mobile YouTuber Bobby Plays, this appears to be the only change made to the gun. It’s still capable of three-shotting players anywhere in the body, which is the main reason for its popularity.

The changes to the ASM10 are negligible, but it shows that the CoD Mobile team is aware that the Assault Rifle needs work.

Further CoD Mobile weapon nerfs

Bobby Plays revealed on Twitter that further unannounced weapon changes were made.

The Chopper LMG had its recoil increased, and they also nerfed the mobility on its Heavy Handle underbarrel attachment, which makes you fire the weapon from the hip rather than ADS.

They also slowed the ADS time on the Man-O-War Assault Rifle. Bobby Plays said that the “DRH was the only 3 shot AR that wasn’t nerfed.”

It’s clear the CoD Mobile team are aware of balance issues with the game’s Assault Rifles, so keep an eye on CharlieIntel where we’ll update you with any further changes.

Image Credits: CoD Mobile / Activision

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