CoD Mobile Season 4: Wild Dogs Battle Pass, release date, maps, & more

Liam Mackay
CoD mobile Season 4 Wild Wogs promo

CoD Mobile Season 4 is almost here and here’s everything we know about it, including the release date, new maps, and Wild Dogs Battle Pass rewards.

CoD Mobile often receives new content through seasonal updates, and Season 3 2022 featured a plethora of new additions for players to enjoy, including the Black Ops Cold War MAC-10 SMG.

Now, Season 4 is just around the corner, and the new update will bring plenty of changes, such as additional maps, game modes, and a brand-new Battle Pass to progress through. We’ll go over everything we know about CoD Mobile Season 4.

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CoD Mobile Season 4 release date

CoD Mobile operators

The developers announced in a blog post that Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 is set to arrive on Wednesday, April 27 at 5 pm PT / 8 pm ET and Thursday, April 28 at 1 am BST. This will be right after CoD Mobile Season 3 Battle Pass comes to an end.

It was also confirmed that the new season is titled “Wild Dogs” and will feature a desert theme with sandstorms. The blog post then revealed many of the new additions that will be in Season 4.

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Satellite in CoD Mobile

CoD Mobile Season 4 maps

CoD Mobile Season 4 will throw players into the Satellite map from Black Ops Cold War. This area would allow snipers to camp at the dunes while the rest of the players battle it out around the crashed satellite.

You’ll have the opportunity to take on players across the map’s various vantage points and as well as around the central satellite. Just make sure to control the center of the map, as it’s incredibly easy to get spawn trapped.

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Khandor Hideout in CoD Mobile

The new season will also add Khandor Hideout, which is a three-lane map that arrived with Modern Warfare Season 2. It’s fast-paced with many different locations to battle in, including the lab, garage, signal tower, and market area.

You’ll also be able to take the fight to a few interior locations, and the key to winning a match is to take advantage of the sightlines around the map. So, be sure to plan your strategy properly in Khandor Hideout.

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CoD Mobile operators in Season 4

CoD Mobile Season 4 Ground War mode

Season 4 will throw players into 12v12 battles on Satellite and Aniyah Incursion in the Ground War mode. This game mode will require you and your team to capture locations on the map in order to earn points.

The first team to earn 300 points will win, and you can get this done by capturing all six capture points on the map. You’ll be able to use vehicles such as motorcycles, antelopes, ATVs, and tanks in this mode.

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CoD Mobile operators in a sandstorm

CoD Mobile Season 4 Sandstorm’s Eye event

Season 4 will bring a brand-new event for players to compete in, titled Sandstorm’s Eye. This will allow you to complete tasks to collect rewards while moving through different nodes on the map.

You’ll receive a buff to your acquired points by moving through nodes that are located on vantage points such as Observation Tower, Great Bridge, and Logistics Station. You can check for daily missions in this event if you’re looking to earn some major XP.

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The players at the top of the event leaderboard will be rewarded with the Otter – Sand Drift Operator and the Locus – Side Swindler Sniper Rifle.

CoD Mobile Season 4: Wild Dogs Battle Pass

CoD Mobile Season 4 features a new Battle Pass that you can progress through by completing seasonal challenges. This will allow you to unlock rewards such as new Operator skins, weapons, Blueprints, CoD Points, and more.

The Contact Grenade can be unlocked at Tier 14 of the free Battle Pass, while the Koshka Sniper Rifle from Black Ops 4 becomes available at Tier 21. You can also unlock the seasonally-themed Green Rust and Sand Tracks camos.

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If you’re willing to purchase the premium Battle Pass then you’ll gain access to all of the content in the Wild Dogs stream, including new Operator skins like Farah, Ghost, and Roach. We’ll be sure to cover everything included in the Battle Pass when it goes live.

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Image Credit: Activision

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