CoD Mobile Season 4 update patch notes: OTs 9 SMG, Arsenal map, more

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CoD Mobile Season 4 Veiled Uprising

CoD Mobile Season 4 Veiled Uprising has arrived, bringing a new weapon, mode, and map that to reinvigorate the game. Here’s all of the new content and the full patch notes for Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4

CoD Mobile has received its fourth season in 2023, as Veiled Uprising has hit the mobile game. CoD Mobile Season 4 looks to refresh the popular title with new content including a new SMG, map, and brand-new mode.

As usual, the devs draw on Call of Duty titles of the past when refreshing CoD Mobile with new content, and in Season 4, fans of the Black Ops series will be pleased.

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Let’s get into all of the new content and patch notes for CoD Mobile Season 4 Veiled Uprising.

CoD Mobile Season 4 new OTs 9 SMG

The OTs 9 SMG from Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War made its way to CoD Mobile in Season 4 Veiled Uprising.

This close-range weapon is available to unlock at Tier 21 of the Season 4 Battle Pass, so don’t forget to level up quickly when the update arrives.

As you work your way through the Battle Pass, you’ll also come across the new Battle Royale Shock Wave class at Tier 14.

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Season 4 of CoD Mobile will also bring the Sidearm Scuffle Seasonal Challenge on May 2 which allows players to unlock the Makarov pistol.

New Arsenal map in CoD Mobile Season 4

Arsenal has all of the qualities of a competitive Call of Duty map.

CoD Mobile Season 4 introduces players to a brand-new map in Arsenal. The map originally debuted in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and it’s now made its way to CoD Mobile with the Veiled Uprising season.

Arsenal takes players to a “weapons and robotics manufacturing facility where some of the series’ most devastating Scorestreaks have been developed.”

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The new map features both outer areas on the perimeter, as well as an indoor component at the center.

CoD Mobile Season 4 Ground War: Skirmish mode

Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 key art for Ground War.Activision
The Ground War Skirmish mode will debut in CoD Mobile Season 4.

Ground War: Skirmish is a new mode in CoD Mobile in Season 4. The devs are delivering a new concept with Ground War: Skirmish by fusing components of multiplayer and battle royale.

In this hybrid mode, players get the chance to choose their loadouts and engage in a 12v12 battle.

Two teams “fight for control over five objectives scattered throughout the map.” The mode is expected to be a chaotic new addition to CoD Mobile, but with a little teamwork dominating the objectives will prove rewarding.

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CoD Mobile Season 4 patch notes


New Map


The brand new map Arsenal is coming soon! Fierce urban warfare will break out here in the Near-Future weapon laboratory.

New Perk


All burning damage received is reduced and movement speed debuffs have no effect.

Mode Optimization

Capture the Flag

The Classical – Capture the Flag returns! The optimized Capture the Flag will bring soldiers a better gaming experience.

Battle Royale

New Mode

Ground War: Skirmish

12v12 Ground War: Skirmish is now available! Using Scorestreaks, equipping BR Classes, driving vehicles, and capturing objectives, soldiers can experience a variety of battleground elements here within this large scale hybrid mode.

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New Class

Shock Wave

Releases a self-centered shock wave that pushes away and damages nearby hostels while also briefly blocking nearby projectiles. Time to stun those rushing enemies!

New Supply Drop

New weapons drop in Battle Royale: OTs 9


New Weapon

New Base Weapon – OTs 9

A lightweight submachine gun that has an extremely high mobility but low mag capacity.

New Base Weapon – Makarov

Dual-wielded secondary weapon, with outstanding suppression and endurance brought by the fully automatic barrel and high drum mag capacity.

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Weapon Optimization

Weapon performance optimization: R9-0, PPSh-41, JAK-12, Type 25, BK57

Weapon SFX optimization: ICR-1, M21 EBR, UL736, RUS-79U

Tournament Adjustment

Reduced the difficulty of the Tournament Task.

Lower the requirements of Gold placement in ranks.

Reduced the required amount of Gold placements of weekly tasks.

Balance Adjustment

HG 40

Even though mobility gives HG 40 an edge, the weakness on damage limits its overall performance.

Chest damage multiplier: Increased

Upper arm damage multiplier: Increase


Some attachments were equipped on DR-H to improve range and accuracy. However, most of these attachments cost too much on mobility. Basic ADS enhancement can make a good balance between these options.

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ADS speed: Increased

ADS bullet spread: Reduced


AS VAL has a decent ADS speed, but the lack of attachments for specializing ADS speed limits its performance in close-range combat. Therefore, ADS time was reduced appropriately for ensuring its position.

Meanwhile, ADS bullet spread was reduced for improvement on its performance in mid-range combat.

ADS speed: Increased

ADS bullet spread: Reduced


The buff on M13 attachments has constraints which limits the variety of optional attachment sets. Some of them should be adjusted for the situation.

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RTC Heavy Long Barrel

Bullet speed buff: Added

RTC Silencer Barrel

ADS speed debuff: Removed

ADS bullet spread debuff: Removed

Range buff: Added

Bullet speed buff: Added

Recoil debuff: Increased

RTC Combat Stock

ADS speed buff: Increased

Type 25

Players who use Type 25 must choose between stability and burst of mobility. Thus, we have adjusted the attachments to emphasize these two different aspects more prominently.

RTC Steady Stock

Get-hit flinch resist buff: Increased

Get-hit flinch buff: Increased

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YKM Combat Stock

ADS speed buff: Increased

Get-hit flinch resist debuff: Increased

Get-hit flinch debuff: Increased

Krig 6

Firm Grip Tape

ADS speed buff: Reduced

Range: Reduced


Cordite shows the lack of steady damage and burst compared to the majority of SMGs, which makes it mediocre in the current combat environment.

Damage: Increased (MP Only)

Head damage multiplier: Increased

Lower arm damage multiplier: Increased (MP Only)

Range: Increased


Razorback performs slightly inferior to the majority of SMGs in terms of lethality even with the buff from Rapid Fire. We increased its damage for medium and long ranges and made it perform more effectively with close-range headshots.

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Damage: Increased

Head damage multiplier: Increased


Both range and TTK of PDW-57 should be strengthened to SMG’s average as it remains a low usage rate.

Lower arm damage multiplier: Increased

Range: Increased


PPSh-41, which is known for its hip firing, hardly shows an edge as the low damage stability and long sprint-to-fire delay set a limit to its advantages.

Damage: Increased

Sprint-to-fire delay: Reduced


HDR takes a relatively long time for aiming down the sight in combat for the shortage of attachments that buffs ADS speed. The 1st DMG range also seems inadequate in some MP maps.

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ADS speed: Increased

Range: Increased


Although Outlaw is ahead of other Sniper Rifles in terms of mobility, it lags them in overall performance. It should be strengthened to guarantee its position.

Range: Increased

Get-hit flinch: Reduced

Basic steady aiming count-down: Increased


High damage of MK2 is not enough to make up for its deficiencies in mobility, which make it underutilized in a variety of Marksmans.

Basic movement speed: Increased


Operator Skill/Tactics

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War Machine

Mag capacity: Increased

Energy required for activating: Reduced

Death Machine

Mag capacity: Increased


Mag capacity: Increased

Transform Shield

Energy required for activating: Reduced

Bull Charge

Energy consumption per kill: Increased


BR Class


Reduced available charging amounts to 1 before upgrading.

2nd stage charging speed: Reduced

Ravager Launcher

Damage: Increased

Missile speed: Increased

Tracker – Passive Skill

Footsteps detected distance: Increased

Disrupt – Passive Skill

Speeding-up duration: Reduced

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Image Credit: Activision

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