CoD Mobile devs tease upcoming Black Ops 4 & Modern Warfare weapons

Liam Mackay
Modern Warfare and Black Ops weapons teased for season 7

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 6 is almost over, and the developers have already revealed the classic weapons we can expect to see in the upcoming Season 7.

Call of Duty: Mobile acts as a hub for all previous CoD games, bringing across weapons, maps, and Operators from the franchise’s long history. Season 6 brought the MX9 from Black Ops 4 and Modern Warfare’s Rtyec AMR, as well as BO2’s fan-favorite Slums map.

Now, CoD: Mobile’s devs are teasing even more weapons from these games ahead of Season 7, which is set to drop on August 26.

CoD Mobile Operators

We’re now in the runup to the next season of Call of Duty: Mobile, and this is when the developers start to tease the upcoming content. The developers have already teased a map from World at War and revealed the upcoming weapons.

On August 15, Call of Duty: Mobile’s devs revealed these weapons, tweeting: “So you say you’ve used all these weapons before? You sure about that?”

The attached image showed an arsenal of weapons already in CoD: Mobile, such as the PP19 Bizon and the Holger 26, but Call of Duty fans quickly noticed Black Ops 4’s Hades LMG and Modern Warfare’s Crossbow.

The Hades LMG was a popular run-and-gun LMG that was well-suited for the confines of multiplayer maps, as well as the massive Blackout arena.

And Modern Warfare’s Crossbow is exactly what you’d expect, but it could be fitted with Thermite, Gas, and other styles of bolts. There’s no confirmation what CoD: Mobile weapon class this will fit into, but it will likely be revealed in Season 7’s official announcement.

As with all seasons, it’s expected that one of these weapons will be available for free in the Season 7 Battle Pass and another unlocked through a mid-season challenge.

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Image Credit: Activision