‘Call of Duty: Siege,’ a new Call of Duty card game, available on iOS in Australia 

Keshav Bhat

Well, this is unexpected. 

A new Call of Duty strategy card game (yes, a card game) is coming to mobile devices. Available today in Australia on iOS, Call of Duty: Siege is a card game based upon many of the popular Call of Duty titles. 

From TouchArcade:

While Call of Duty: Siege may be influenced by the universe of the upcoming sci-fi space shooter Infinite Warfare, it seems beyond the certain characters and robots, the similarities sharply stop. Instead in Siege, you are tasked with collecting over forty unique cards from the upcoming console entry and assembling decks to beat opponents in PvP online invasions. As you rise through leagues by winning standoffs versus other players, you’ll encounter rarer cards, get even stronger decks and ultimately conquer the solar system. As is customary in this sort of game, in-app purchases are as abundant as ever, even with the infamous Supply Drop system from the console versions

Yes, this card game also has Supply Drops in it to boost your content in app.

We will update as this new game rolls out worldwide. Here’s the link to the Australia app store.

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