3 top tips to help you dominate CoD: Mobile Blitz

Andrew Highton
cod mobile blitz battle royale

Blitz Mode is a fresh addition to CoD Mobile with Season 1’s New Order. It’s a shorter and smaller variation of battle royale promoting quicker and more intense games. We have the best tips and tricks for you to increase your chances of picking up the W.

Season 1 of CoD Mobile offered a soft reset for the game and added a whole wealth of content in the process. As with most new seasons in games, CoD Mobile Season 1 introduced all-manner of new guns, glitz, and even Blitz.

With the final circle appearing after 10 minutes, Blitz is intended to be a much shorter version of battle royale, and the devs have packed out the mode with extra items and goodies to help. We’ve come up with a few tips to make your time with Blitz a blast.

cod mobile season 1 new order

CoD Mobile Tip #1 – Keep Moving

You may be an experienced Warzone or Fortnite player, but you need to remember that Blitz is a completely different beast when there are only 40 players on the map.

Quicker rotations, limited time, and a greater sense of urgency to move to the next circle are absolutely key. If you’re new to CoD Mobile as well, then focus on moving around a lot more. You will need to learn the map, where the best spots are, and how you can obtain the best loot.

Furthermore, the timer is always counting down in the middle of the screen, so always make sure you’re keeping an eye on this.

cod mobile players moving

CoD Mobile Tip #2 – Your playstyle

Our advice will hinge on what kind of player you are as there are two definitive types of battle royale player.

There’s the player that is happy to pick up the odd kill and hide more en route to a potential victory. Then you’ve got the one-man armageddon machine that is looking to kill all 39 people on their own.

Aggressive Players

Given that there are fewer players in a game of Blitz, you can definitely be more aggressive. Wherever the circle is, head to the “best” location in it that players will commonly go-to. Quickly find yourself two or three supply boxes and then just hunt those kills.

Reserved Players

If you’re not as confident in your ability, then do the opposite. Analyze the circle and its eligible surroundings and go to a location that you see players aren’t going to. Perhaps even hang back in the air a few seconds longer to get an idea of where people are heading to.

Then, as we’ve said, keep watching the timer, and make sure your eyes dart to the top-right corner of your screen every now and again. You also need to listen out for the sound of firefights. If you feel you can clean up the pieces from another fight between players then go ahead. It might just allow you to get the weaponry you need to win by doing so.

cod mobile solo

CoD Mobile Tip #3 – The right loadout

Your skill level will play a big role in this section as an experienced player will be able to use a shorter-ranged, higher-recoil SMG to greater effect. If you don’t think you can compete like this then keep it simple, grab a powerful Assault Rifle, or Shotgun, and let the gun do the work for you.

You especially don’t want to be using an LMG as time is of the essence in a shorter, condensed game of battle royale too and you don’t want to spend the next 40 years reloading.

Those are some of our best tips to hopefully help you with CoD Mobile’s exciting new mini-battle royale mode. Learn them, use them, and get yourself some dubs.

Image credits: Activision Blizzard

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