Week 1 Schedule for the CWL Pro League

Tommi Turunen

Week 1 of the CWL Pro League is set begin on Monday, Feb 4th. The Pro League will feature 16 of the top Call of Duty teams in the world. Matches for week 1 will be played from Monday, Feb. 4th to Thursday, Feb 7th.

The CWL Pro League can viewed from twitch.tv/callofduty or from mlg.com.

Watch live video from Call of Duty on www.twitch.tv

Week 1’s Schedule starts on Monday at 2:30PM PST/5:30PM EST with a brand new episode of Hot Mic present by TCL.

The games officially begin directly afterwards at 3:00PM PST/6PM EST. This week’s matches feature fan-favorites such as OpTic Gaming and Luminosity as well as newcomers in Midnight Esports and UYU.

The full schedule for week one matches can be found below.

Full Week 1 Schedule

Monday, February 4th

  • 3PM PST/6PM EST – Red Reserve vs. Team Reciprocity
  • 4:30PM PST/7:30PM EST – OpTic Gaming vs. Midnight Esports

Tuesday, February 5th

  • 12PM PST/3PM EST – Gen.G Esports vs. Red Reserve
  • 1:30PM PST/4:30PM EST – Midnight Esports vs. Evil Geniuses
  • 3PM PST/6PM EST – UYU vs. OpTic Gaming
  • 4:30PM PST/7:30PM EST – Luminosity vs. Team Reciprocity

Wednesday, February 6th

  • 12PM PST/3PM EST – Team Reciprocity vs. Gen.G Esports
  • 1:30PM PST/4:30PM EST – Luminosity vs. UYU
  • 3PM PST/6PM EST – Midnight Esports vs Red Reserve
  • 4:30PM PST/7:30PM EST – Evil Geniuses vs. OpTic Gaming

Thursday, February 7th

  • 12PM PST/3PM EST – Midnight Esports vs. UYU
  • 1:30PM PST/4:30PM EST – OpTic Gaming vs. Team Reciprocity
  • 3PM PST/6PM EST – Red Reserve vs. Luminosity
  • 4:30PM PST/7:30PM EST – Gen.G vs Evil Geniuses

Results & Standing as well as the next week’s schedule will be posted following Thursday’s final matches.

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