Upcoming Call of Duty World League LAN Events

Keshav Bhat

The 2017 Season of the Call of Duty World League kicked off in December with MLG Vegas. Since then, Activision and tournament partners have announced additional events for the 2017 CWL Season for Infinite Warfare.

Gfinity CWL London

The next event will be the Gfinity CWL London Event, taking place January 28-29 at Gfinity’s London Arena. This event will feature 16 of the top EU teams based upon CWL Pro Points competing for a $25,000 prize pool and CWL Pro Points.

This event is an invitational and the 16 EU teams competing have to be announced. For those interested in spectating the event, tickets are on sale now here.

MLG Atlanta

Following Gfinity London is MLG Atlanta, which takes place February 10-12 in the Georgia World Congress Center. This event is open to all players in NA, EU, and APAC region. The event will feature over 176 teams competing for a $200,000 prize pool and CWL Pro Points.

For this event, both EU and NA teams will have a chance to auto-qualify for Pool Play. MLG has announced that the spots for Pool Play will be determined by Pro Point standings on January 30.

If you’re interested in competing or attending this event, tickets and details are available here.

ESWC Winter 2017

The third upcoming open LAN event will be ESWC Winter, which takes place February 17-19 in Paris. The event will feature 96 EU and NA teams competing for $100,000 and 39,800 CWL Pro Points.

If you are interested in competing or attending the event, more information is available here.

Insomnia60, CWL Birmingham

Insomnia60 will be a EU Regional event, taking place April 14-17 in NEC, Birmingham. The event will be open to up to 96 EU teams, featuring a $50,000 Prize Pool and 38,000 CWL Pro Points.

More information available here.

EGL Sheffield

Another regional EU event for the 2017 CWL Season has been announced, EGL Sheffield Open. This event is being featured as part of EGL’s 17 event, taking place June 24-25.

This event will feature only EU teams, up to 64, competing for $25,000 Prize Pool and CWL Pro Points. More details to be announced.

CWL GameBattles

To earn CWL Pro Points online, MLG and Activision have launched daily and weekly tournaments on GameBattles. Players can compete in both daily events to earn Pro Points or in the weekly 2K Series. There’s a 2K event each Sunday in January.

Sign up now and learn more here.

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