MLG announces the removal of Capture the Flag from Advanced Warfare Competitive Play

Keshav Bhat

MLG has just announced that they’re removing Capture The Flag from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare competitive play after the X Games tournament. This change is based on the fact that Advanced Warfare’s Capture The Flag mode has not been as strategic and fun compared to other titles. Capture The Flag has been replaced by another Hardpoint in the rotation in Best of 5s. For Best of 7 matches, another Search and Destroy will be added into the competition.

Timeline of changes:

  • June 12 – New DLC Game Types Announced
  • June 12 – CTF Removed From Pro Points Tournaments
  • June 29 – New DLC Added to Pro Points Tournaments

In addition, they will be adding 2 new Hardpoint maps and 1 new Uplink map, which will be chosen from Havoc, Ascendance, or Supremacy DLCs.

With this change, for Season 3 of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Pro League, the best of 5 line up will be:

  1. Hardpoint
  2. Search and Destroy
  3. Uplink
  4. Hardpoint
  5. Search and Destroy