Day 1 Recap – CWL Pro League Qualifier

Tommi Turunen

Today (Jan 16th.) marked the start of the Pro League Qualifier. A grueling competition between 28 teams to decide the remaining 12 spots in the 2019 CWL Pro League.

So, after a day of competition, let’s recap what transpired. Here are the pools after today’s matches. Detailed stats and map counts can be found at

Some of the biggest points of interests were the upsets of the day. Nameless, a CWL caster, dubbed the event “Upset City.”

Several lower seed teams took favorite teams to task. Among these upsets was Midnight eSports beating 100 Thieves 3 to 0 in one of the first matches of the day. Another came in the form of the Austrialian line-up of Mindfreak beating Evil Geniuses in a tight 3 to 2.

To continue the series of successful non-NA wins, Overtime eSport (a fully French line-up) crushed Team Space. Team Space placed Top 8 at CWL Las Vegas as Str8 Rippin. Additionally, Fact Revolution got off to a hot start, sitting at 2-0 at the top of their pool.

As the last major upset of the night, Enigma 6 beat the well known Faze Clan team in 3 to 1 fashion.

Fan-favorites Team Envy and Pittsburgh Knights both only played one match for the day. Both teams won their games, 3:2 and 3:0 respectively.

Thursday’s games start at 12PM PST/3PM EST on