CWL Championship 2017 takes place in August, CWL 2017 season schedule announced

Keshav Bhat

To kick off the CWL Atlanta Open, Activision announced new information about the 2017 Call of Duty World League, presented by PlayStation 4 season. 

The 2017 Season will feature more open events, the Global Pro LAN League, and finishing off with the 2017 Call of Duty World League Championship event.

Open Events

The next Open CWL Event is CWL Dallas, hosted by MLG. This event takes place March 17-18 in Fort Worth Convention Center in Fort Worth, TX featuring teams from NA, EU, and APAC competing for $200,000 prize pool. The CWL Dallas event will also be the final event where players can earn CWL Pro Points to qualify for Stage 1 of the LAN League.

CWL LAN Pro League:

The Call of Duty World League LAN League kicks off April 20 with Stage 1. The league will feature 9 teams from North America, 6 from Europe, and 1 from APAC region. Teams in the league will be divided into four groups, and each group will play on separate weekends. The top two teams from each group will advance to the playoffs. The third place team in each group will not qualify for playoffs, but will retain a spot for Stage 2. The fourth place team in each group will have to face off in relegation to retain a spot for Stage 2.

Here’s the schedule for Stage 1: 

Every player in the league will get $3,000 pas part of the regular season prizing of $200,000. The playoffs for Stage 1 will see the top two teams from each of the groups competing for $500,000. 

Stage 1 Relegation

Teams that did not make it into Stage 1 of the Pro League have a chance to make it into Stage 2. There will be online qualifiers May 19-21 for each region, where teams can compete for a spot to go to the Relegation. The top 2 NA teams, the top 1 EU, and top 1 APAC region will face off against the bottom four teams from Stage 1 on June 15 in Anaheim, CA. 

Stage 2: 

Stage 2 of the LAN League kicks off June 29. Similar to Stage 1, 16 teams will be divided into groups of four and play on separate weekends. There is no relegation in Stage 2. All 16 Stage 2 teams will auto-qualify for the Call of Duty World League Championship. 

Last Chance Qualifier: 

For teams that did not make it into Stage 2 of the LAN League, but want to compete at Champs, there will be a Last Chance Qualifier taking place on LAN in each of the three regions. Activision has announced the dates for the qualifiers, by region: 

  • Europe: July 1-3, Gfinity Arena in London 
  • APAC: July 7-9, ESL Studios in Melbourne, Australia 
  • NA: July 25 at MLG Arena in Columbus, Ohio 

Call of Duty World League Championship: 

The grand finale to the 2017 CWL Season will take place in August with the 2017 Call of Duty World League Championship. The Championship will feature 32 teams competing for their share of the $1.5 million prize pool. Activision has not announced the exact dates for Champs yet.

The MVP of the 2017 CWL Champs event will receive $25,000. Activision says the prize pool for Champs was reduced based upon pro player feedback — players want more events throughout the year, with prize pool spread out throughout different events. 

SOURCE: Call of Duty