Call of Duty League caster Momo fired after internal investigation

Keshav Bhat

Activision Blizzard has fired Phil “Momo” from the Call of Duty League after allegations of sexual misconduct, including sending inappropriate messages to females, surfaced last week from people within the community.

The allegations were reportedly shown to Activision Blizzard directly by an individual from the community.

In a statement posted to his Twitter, Momo says he is no longer part of the Call of Duty League, and that an internal investigation is currently ongoing from Activision over messages he sent to female members in the gaming community.

With effect from 30th June 2020, I was released from employment with Activision Blizzard. This decision follows what was described to me as an internal investigation after old messages that I’d sent to female members of the gaming community had been passed to my employer. For confidentiality reasons, the detail of these messages and the recipients were not disclosed, which I fully respect. I cannot therefore respond to the specific allegations and their context.

The statement he posted on Twitter states that he sent messages to multiple female members in the gaming community, which made many of them feel ‘uncomfortable’ and led them to report the messages to Activision Blizzard anonymously.

The generic nature of the complaints is that my messages made the recipients feel uncomfortable. To put it bluntly, in my messages, I was ‘trying my luck’ with women who hadn’t invited my attention, and I was being forward when I shouldn’t have been. Some of the exchanges contained sexual content from both sides. I did not believe at the time that I was making the recipients uncomfortable. Had I known this I would not have continued conversing in this way.

Momo says he takes ‘full ownership’ of his actions and is ‘sorry’ for tasteless humor in his messages sent.

The person I was back then is not the person I am now. I take full ownership for my misjudgements and would stress how sorry I am for my conduct. I’m sorry for my immaturity, I’m sorry for any explicit content or graphic language I used, I’m sorry for any tasteless humour, and I’m sorry to anybody who I’ve caused offense to or who has suffered in any way as a result of my actions. I hope they read this message and believe these words.

Activision Blizzard has not issued a statement in regards to this at this time.


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