Black Ops 4 Blackout – Doritos Bowl at TwitchCon Details

Keshav Bhat

TwitchCon 2018 is this weekend, and it features the very first Blackout based tournament with the Doritos Bowl 2018. Doritos Bowl has stated that the event features a $250,000 prize pool and will see the top streamers go at it in an intense Black Ops 4 Blackout matches.

Here’s a look at the teams in the event:

The official Doritos Bowl site has been updated with some additional information on the event, including how players watching at home may be able to jump into the same matches the pros are playing in and go up against their favorite streams. Here’s how that will work:

Think you’ve got what it takes to battle with the biggest names in gaming? Watch the Doritos Twitch channel starting at 12:30 PM PDT on Saturday, October 27 to see when the Doritos Bowl matches are scheduled, and you just might find yourself playing with the pros. Sign in to Call of Duty® Black Ops 4 to join a Blackout game at the designated times and possibly play against your favorite Twitch streamers during the Doritos Bowl! No purchase necessary. You will not be eligible to win the tournament or prize money.

And, here’s look at the format for the event.

  • The 4 teams will go through 4 heats where they will look to score as many points as possible.
  • Once all team members have entered a game, the lobby will be opened up and filled by the fans.
  • The competition will award the teams points for placing in the top 10 and earning kills.
  • At the end of the final heat, the team with the most total points will be crowned the Doritos Bowl champions!

Tune in to the action on October 27 at 12:30PM PT on Twitch!

Learn more about Doritos Bowl HERE.

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