Where to find Pack-a-Punch Machines in CoD: Cold War Outbreak Zombies

Liam Mackay
outbreak pack-a-punch machine cod cold war

In order to survive hordes of the undead in CoD: Black Ops Cold War’s Ural Mountains, you’ll need to Pack-a-Punch your weapons. Here are all of the Pack-a-Punch locations in Zombies Outbreak.

With Black Ops Cold War’s new Zombies mode, Outbreak, you’ll find yourself taking on a host of monsters and the living dead. If you have any hope of surviving the later rounds and extracting, you’ll need to Pack-a-Punch your weapons in Call of Duty’s newest take on killing Zombies.

At the time of writing, Outbreak will take you to three Ural Mountains locations: Ruka, Alpine, and Golova. Fans of Cold War’s new Fireteam mode will be instantly familiar with the maps as the large-scale environments are usually the scene of 10-team conflict and uranium hoarding.

Here’s where to find the Pack-a-Punch Machines in Black Ops Cold War Season 2.

CoD: Zombies Ruka Outbreak Pack-a-Punch Machine

ruka pack-a-punch machine cod cold war zombies

While fighting for survival in the forests of Ruka, you’ll be able to upgrade your weapon by heading to the Old Farm on the left of the map. You’ll be able to see the Pack-a-Punch Machine marked on your map, so simply head there.

And unique to Cold War’s Outbreak, you don’t need to worry about turning on the power or anything – if you have the funds, you can upgrade straight away.

CoD: Zombies Alpine Outbreak Pack-a-Punch Machine

alpine pack-a-punch machine cod cold war zombies

While skidding through the mountains on a snowmobile taking out Zombies like James Bond, you may feel your weapons start to lose damage in the later rounds.

If you have the money to spend, you should head to the Lodge on the north side of the map. You’ll find the Pack-a-Punch Machine located in the main lobby, but the area is a little tight so be wary of getting swarmed by zombies.

CoD: Zombies Golova Outbreak Pack-a-Punch Machine

Golova pack-a-punch machine cod cold war zombies

The final Pack-a-Punch Machine is located in the scenic hills of Golova. Head to the Upper Town at the bottom of the map, and the Machine will be found in the main building.

You’ll need to head to the top of the stairs to access it, and be careful, as it’s at the end of a narrow corridor where it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

CoD: Zombies Anomaly Outbreak Pack-a-Punch Machine

cod bocw outbreak zombies anomaly pack a punch

In addition to the locations above, it should also be noted that once you have completed the main objective of your designated round of Outbreak, there’s an easy way to gain access to the machine.

You’ll be tasked with triggering an ‘Anomaly’, and doing so will initiate a shift that causes all of the map’s upgrade features to converge in one area around the exit beacon. As well as the Wunderfizz Machine, Workbench, etc, the Pack-A-Punch will always be here as well.

If more areas and expansions are added to Outbreak, we’ll update this article with their Pack-a-Punch Machine locations as well.

Image Credit: Activision