Weird visual bug causing screen to flash in Black Ops Cold War

Andrew Highton

Call of Duty is no stranger to weird and wonderful anomalies that interfere with matches and become instant memes and GIFs. ONe strange new bug has caused a player’s screen to flash and glitch in Black Ops Cold War.

Treyarch’s newest effort at Call of Duty has received a mixed reception amongst the CoD community citing issues with the game’s lack of content and technical issues. But Treyarch is constantly trying to fix the game and have already begun adding new content.

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Nuketown has made a triumphant return to the game’s multiplayer to help bolster the selection of playgrounds. Aside from players checking out the new map and seeing if anything has changed with this beloved fan-favorite, an odd hiccup has been recorded and documented.

nuketown aerial shot in bocw

Bizarre, bright bug

What appears to be a regular game of CoD on Nuketown turns out to be a very peculiar one for Reddit user FosheeVFX. At first, their in-game screen becomes warped with artistic-looking super-sized pixels that brighten up the backyard. It’s quite harmless and looks decorative and snazzy, if anything.

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But then, FosheeVFX tabs out and returns to the game soon after. Only, this colorful assortment of broken textures has now evolved into an abstract Jackson Pollock of stretched and distorted backgrounds.

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The sky, the houses, and all objects in sight have now taken on an identity of their own. Select textures are ricocheting around the full extent of the map at insane speeds. It’s dizzying.

To see the video then click below, be warned if you suffer from epilepsy as it might not be suitable.

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Is this a regular occurrence? Or a Nuketown bug?

To be 100% clear, we’re not sure. Nothing like this has been reported yet. At the moment, it just seems like an amusing one-off glitch that hopefully won’t plague the games of others.

Either way, this weird, visual big causing our gamer’s screen to flash in Black Ops Cold War looks more devastating than the actual nuke that goes off after a game in Nuketown.

Image credits: Treyarch

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