Warzone players call for TTK nerf after Black Ops Cold War integration

Andrew Highton
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Regular players of Warzone have noticed a huge change in the game’s time to kill ever since it crossed over with Black Ops Cold War. As a result, CoD players want to see the game’s TTK nerfed back to its original settings.

Merging Black Ops Cold War and Warzone in Season 1 managed to bring the two games together and they ended up sharing similar characteristics. As well as Warzone adding all Black Ops Cold War weapons, it also meant that any future guns such as the FARA 83 and LC10 would be included as well.

It seems that not everything has been so positive though as many Warzone players believe that the integration came at the expense of its gameplay.

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Time to Kill (TTK) is a stat that records how long it takes for a player to die at the hands of a gun. A weapon with high TTK will take considerably longer to kill than a gun with a low TTK.

Thoughts are always conflicting about what the preferable TTK actually is. But instead of having one fixed rate, it seems like Warzone’s has fluctuated throughout its release, drawing the concern of one Reddit post.

IIIumarIII said, “Ever since the integration, the TTK has been getting quicker and this can be incredibly annoying to play against. Pre-integration, the weapon you had to worry about most was the MP5 and that killed at around 530ms, which is quite quick but was only effective to ~10m. Now with this meta being that of the FFAR/MAC-10, these two weapons blow the MP5 out the window entirely.

The MAC-10 is the fastest killing SMG with more range than the Modern Warfare MP5 could ever dream and the FFAR is even faster. There were fast-killing weapons before the integration, but these had massive drawbacks as the MAC-10 has no weaknesses and the FFAR is a very forgiving weapon.”

It’s clearly not just all opinions as the idea of a quicker TTK is being supported by stats and data. User irishreeves adds further light to the discussion saying, “Yes, fast TTK is okay for multiplayer with countless lives, but you’re right, the number is dropping down, which also means you’re kinda stuck using the top 5% of TTK weapons to even be competitive.”

Forcing players into using the same few guns goes against the game’s ideology of having so many weapons for players to use and experiment with.

It’s unclear whether or not Activision is aware of this problem, but we shall have to wait and see if the TTK changes anymore during the rest of Warzone Season 2 and beyond.

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