Treyarch respond to AMP63 Pistol no aim assist bug in Cold War Zombies

Andrew Highton
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The AMP63 Pistol is the newest weapon to be added to Black Ops Cold War in Season 3, but players have found that it lacks any discernible aim assist in Zombies. Treyarch has issued an answer to the potential banana skin.

A new fast-firing, automatic Pistol has joined the ranks in Call of Duty. The first since the controversial Sykov Pistol in CoD: Warzone, the AMP63 has a far more reasonable ammo clip, but is still very effective.

Whereas the Sykov caused issues due to its enormous clip, tight accuracy, and insane fire rate to make the perfect Sykov loadout, the AMP63 is causing problems in its own way in Black Ops Cold War Zombies.

amp63 pistol gun cold war

Cold War’s various Zombies modes require a degree of planning and strategy to ensure you survive until the later rounds, earning more XP and tasty rewards in the process.

Naturally, the AMP63 is a shiny new toy to play with, and players have been testing out its viability to see if a super-duper, Pack-A-Punched Pistol can handle the extremes of later-round Zombies.

But Reddit user Gunna-Burger discovered that the AMP63 has a significant flaw that is currently hampering its potential. In their video, you can clearly see that no matter how close they aimed down their sight at an enemy, the gun would not lock on.

Regardless of a player’s skill level, when you’re facing endless hordes of Zombies trying to eat your face, a quick ADS with aim assist will help you clean up faster.

Just to prove that the AMP63’s aim assist wasn’t working, the player even switched to their other weapon and it behaved as expected.

Fortunately, Treyarch saw the video, and developer Josh “FoxhoundFPS” Torres replied saying, “Thanks for the tag. Shared it with our team already. I’ll see about getting a Trello card up for it here soon pending some feedback.”

This is presumably a slight oversight on Treyarch’s part, and we expect a quick hotfix in the coming days to fix the AMP63’s aim assist in Black Ops Cold War Season 3.

Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch