Treyarch fix frustrating issue with Black Ops Cold War “Behind Cover” camo challenge

Liam Mackay

In the post-Season 1 update, Treyarch made it much easier to complete the frustrating “behind cover” camo challenge in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Every year, CoD players begin working towards earning the Mastery camos. To wrap your weapons in Gold, Diamond, and the ultra-rare Dark Matter, you must level up your weapons and complete a series of challenges.

After players experienced several issues with actually unlocking the camos, the process has been more time-consuming than in previous titles. Weapons level up significantly slower in Black Ops Cold War, and some camo challenges are quite tricky, especially having to “shoot and kill 50 enemies taking cover from you in Multiplayer.”

Diamond Camo for the MP5 in Black Ops Cold War

If you thought getting mounted kills in Modern Warfare was frustrating, the behind cover kills challenge took it to a new level.

Many players found this challenge extremely infuriating and took to social media asking Treyarch to scrap it completely. Getting the kills relied on what the enemy players were doing, and the requirements weren’t properly explained in the menus.

In the latest patch, Treyarch made adjustments to this controversial challenge.

Behind Cover kills challenge fixed

Since Black Ops Cold War x Warzone Season 1 launched late on December 15, Treyarch has been addressing bugs and issues that have cropped up since launch. The devs released an updated list of patch notes, which included an update to the ‘behind cover kills’ challenge, making it much easier.

Cover kills challenge in Black Ops Cold War

The patch notes read:

“Behind Cover” Weapon Camo Challenge

  • Increased the distance check.
  • Removed the requirement for the victim to face a certain direction.

This has also cleared up the conditions players previously weren’t meeting. If the enemy wasn’t facing you, it wouldn’t count, and sometimes they would be too far away from the cover. It’s difficult to tell how close your victim is to the cover, making this a frustrating requirement.

Treyarch is continuing to monitor the issues with unlocking the mastery camos, but this will hopefully be one less problem for camo grinders.

Image Credit: Treyarch