Treyarch dev confirms Final Killcam is returning to Black Ops Cold War

Liam Mackay

Treyarch has confirmed that the Final Killcam feature, which has been missing from BOCW Search and Destroy, will be coming to the game mode soon.

The final Killcam is a Call of Duty staple. Every player in the game can see who got the final elimination of the game, and how they did it. The randomness is part of the fun; sometimes you’ll see an insane 360 Tomahawk kill, or you can have a good laugh at someone missing all of their shots before finally getting the elimination.

However, Black Ops Cold War has opted for a ‘Best Play’ system. Most of the time, you’ll see someone get a multi-kill from some point in the match. While you do often see impressive plays, the fun randomness element is mostly taken out and this has had a negative impact on Search and Destroy.

A Treyarch developer has now confirmed that they will be adding the final Killcam system to Cold War’s S&D in the future.

BOCW Operator fighting on Nuketown

Final Killcam coming to BOCW S&D

The final kill is everything in S&D; that kill determines which team has won the round. Best Play can show an impressive double kill to start the round, but the final kill remains a mystery.

On December 31, Treyarch’s Lead Game Designer, Matt Scronce, revealed that they have a ‘hybrid system’ for S&D Killcams ready. This hybrid system will “play Best Play or Final Kill depending on what ends the round,” said Scronce on Twitter.

The developer confirmed that there is “no ETA” on when the final Killcam system will be coming to the game until they’re back from their break in early January. We can expect a new patch soon, but whether the new Killcam system will be included remains to be seen.

With Scronce only mentioning this system will be in Search and Destroy, it’s likely that the other Black Ops Cold War modes will keep the ‘Best Play’ system.

Keep an eye on Charlie Intel, where we’ll let you know when this much-requested feature will return.

Image Credit: Activision

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