Treyarch confirms huge weapon changes coming in Cold War Season 1

Nicholas Sakadelis

Black Ops Cold War Season 1 will be dropping with huge weapon changes.

Coming soon to Black Ops Cold War will be a weapon tuning pass when Season 1 drops December 15 at 11 PM PT. Treyarch confirmed this in a tweet soon after the Season 1 announcement.

Hopefully, the upcoming update includes changes to various weapon categories that players have been requesting changes for.

Recently, weapons like shotguns, snipers, and tactical rifles have sparked controversy in the community. For the time in many years, shotguns are a secondary weapon in Black Ops Cold War, and some players are not happy with the one-shot potential of the shotguns.

For snipers, there are arguments among the sniping community that the aim-down sight time is too long, and others outside the community believe the aim assist is too strong and that snipers don’t have enough flinch.

Burst rifles have been a hot topic of debate since launch, with the M16 and AUG having minimal recoil and excellent one-burst potential at medium range. Dying to a burst rifle feels nearly instant, resulting in some frustration by the community.

In response to Treyarch’s tweet, Game Designer Tony Flame responded, stating that the meta will be “shaken up” for the Holidays, so we can expect huge changes across multiple meta weapons to potentially change the game.

Weapons like the Krig, AK47, AUG, and MP5 have been meta for a while now, so those weapons could be most likely on the nerf list.

The AK47 has remained the king of ARs in public matches, with the Krig being the preferred competitive Assault Rifle. Both weapons have minimal recoil and hit hard. On the original release of Black Ops Cold War, the FFAR quickly became the favorite Assault Rifle but fell out of grace when Treyarch nerfed it.

Hopefully, we’ll see weaker weapons like the FFAR get a much-needed buff, while powerful weapons like the AUG & AK47 get a buff.