Strange Black Ops Cold War bug is removing players’ minimaps

cod bocw minimap

Minimaps are an essential aspect of Black Ops Cold War to see where enemies are. One Call of Duty was denied this opportunity because of a strange bug that removed their minimap altogether.

Online multiplayer is hard enough as it is with a variety of factors determining the experience you’re going to have. Internet connection, server stability, quality of your opposition, and your own personal performance are just some of these factors.

The last thing anyone needs is a random issue making your gameplay even tougher, needlessly. So for one player, a completely absent minimap was the last thing they needed, especially on a brutal map like Nuketown ’84.

nuketown 84 in cod bocw

In what looked to be a standard game of Kill Confirmed on Nuketown, our player was just minding their own business and trying to decimate the opposition with their stunning-looking Plague Diamond M60.

Reddit user A-Aron_James probably waited a decent amount of time before snapping the picture of their experience to see titled “Just played a whole game without the minimap and I’m not on hardcore.” to see if it was a temporary anomaly.

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It appeared to be the case, and we can’t imagine how much of an inconvenience this was. The worst part is that this definitely doesn’t seem to be an isolated incident either.

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In the comments below the original post, one user said, “Same, I didn’t get the HARP though I did get 2 UAV’s and none of them fixed the minimap, same with the field mic.” Whereas another one replied, “I had this on stream for a whole play session, it was pretty chaotic LMAO.”

It’s a bit odder considering that it’s clearly in a Standard playlist too. At least with Hardcore you’re intentionally restricted to a limited HUD, so it would make more sense for there to be an error in that respect.

Of all the recent bugs and glitches including Care Packages disappearing and the H.A.R.P scorestreak glitch, this is possibly the most frustrating.

Image credits: Treyarch