Prop Hunt has a game-breaking bug in Black Ops Cold War

Andrew Highton
cod black ops cold war prop hunt

Call of Duty’s fan-favorite Prop Hunt mode is currently has a glitch that is making it incredibly easy for the Prop team to win by hiding under the map.

Prop Hunt is such a stark contrast to the rest of Call of Duty’s offerings as 99% of CoD is running, gunning, and killing real people and Zombies. Prop Hunt dispenses with this notion and instead relaxes by focusing more on laughs and strategy.

The light-hearted mode is a favorite for many due to its laid-back nature, but the unfortunate bug is taking all the fun out of it and ruining some of Black Ops Cold War’s maps.

cod black ops cold war season 2 prop hunt

When a round of Prop Hunt begins for the defending team, the players become a random prop and need to manipulate their form to fit in with the environment.

One of the techniques that players can employ is the act of ‘Sloping’ which allows the player to angle their prop to mirror the gradient of the map. But Reddit user RuggedSavior has discovered a big problem with the feature.

If you keep fiddling around with your prop enough, it can eventually become submerged into the ground and basically hide under the map – without being seen.

As you can see, enemy players have got absolutely no idea where the hidden player and it’s impossible for the attacking team to do anything about it.

To rub salt into the wound, the prop is running around extremely close to the chasing players to mock them as well.

It’s not as damaging as invisibility glitches in long games of Warzone, but this is a problem that really needs to be fixed as it only takes one player on each team to pull off this trick and the attacking team will not be able to secure victory in the round.

Image credits: Treyarch