Players complain about horrific Black Ops Cold War hit-registration issues

cod bocw hit detection broken

Some players have complained after a shocking video has shown how bug-ridden hit-registration can be in Black Ops Cold War.

Unstable internet connections and the classic “lag” are usually big inconveniences in online multiplayer games. They can cause many unfair and unavoidable deaths.

But they can also be the culprit for the loss of points as well. This is the case for our unfortunate Call of Duty player who was deprived of a rightful kill by weird happenings or unknown technical difficulties in BOCW.

bocw the pines gameplay

BOCW hit-detection broken?

There’s nothing that disillusions a player more than bullets clearly hitting your opponent on your screen, but not registering.

One or two bullets being deemed as a stray is infuriating enough. But when it’s five Sniper rounds to the middle of the head, we have a problem.

LightningBlehz showed the worrisome nature of Black Ops Cold War’s detection issues as they posted a video to Reddit showing just how haphazardly they can behave.

In a game of Nuketown, they spawn and run towards one of the houses. They notice an enemy lying completely prone in the middle of the room, line up the perfect shot to the skull, and pull the trigger – awaiting those kill points.

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But they never arrive. Our befuddled player quickly turns and heads back to the same spot and repeats the same action. Line-up the headshot, pull the trigger, but no-kill.

This time they take dead aim and unleash three more rounds to the head and the enemy camper survives. Not only that, but LightningBlehz is then killed by the other team.

The player doesn’t get any indication that their connection is being interfered with and the game seems to run normally.

It’s a very strange case and one that if you’re watching will probably have happened to you at some point. If there have been more instances of this, hopefully, it can be fixed.

Image credits: Treyarch