LC10 SMG finally gets nerfed in Black Ops Cold War

LC10 in Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War will get a ton of brand-new content in the Season 5 update, including various weapon balancing updates. This includes a nerf to the infamously overpowered LC10 SMG.

The Season 5 update patch notes revealed a ton of new content for Black Ops Cold War. The most notable changes being various weapon buffs and nerfs for a number of weapons, including the LC10 SMG.

This is an SMG that boasts impressive ranged accuracy and little damage drop-off to create a very consistent time to kill over a large distance. Now, the weapon is getting nerfed in Cold War Season 5.

lc10 smg in call of duty

The Black Ops Cold War devs confirmed that the Season 5 update would bring some changes to the weapon. They’ve made some slight adjustments to recoil and range to raise the skill level required for success with the LC10 SMG.

The weapon’s medium damage range has been decreased from 50.8m to 45.72m. In addition to that, the developers will also increase its recoil on the first and 12th bullets, which will affect your accuracy.

The LC10 SMG has been a formidable weapon since its introduction in Season 2, and players had been getting tired of it dominating in most games. These changes will help balance things a bit.

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Black Ops Cold War Season 5 official art

The gun’s power and use have been discussed before on the Cold War Subreddit. Through its ridiculous accuracy and range, the LC10 is capable of landing consistent headshots across a full-length map.

Hopefully, these changes will ensure that the weapon isn’t too OP in future Black Ops Cold War matches. You may find yourself trying out different weapons after Season 5 shakes up the meta.

For more on the new update, you can check out our guide on the Season 5 Battle Pass and stay tuned for future news and guides.

Image Credits: Activision / Treyarch Studios