Viral Warzone TikTok brings back classic Cold War SMG with zero recoil

Warzone player using LC10 SMG

The LC10 SMG dominated Black Ops Cold War’s multiplayer, but a viral TikTok revealed how it’s still extremely viable in Warzone with a zero recoil loadout.

Black Ops Cold War’s LC10 was a fan-favorite multiplayer weapon, but it never received the same popularity in Warzone. However, in Warzone Pacific Season 1’s open meta, the LC10 might just be worth your time.

A viral Warzone TikTok has shown off its potential, where a zero recoil build rips through almost an entire team with ease.

player using LC10 SMG in black ops cold war

The LC10 is extremely low down on the list of Warzone’s most popular weapons, placing 43rd with only a 0.30% pick ratio. But, TikTok creator ‘_brkz‘ proved it’s underrated in Rebirth Island, using its high movement speed and low recoil to finesse a full squad.

The only thing holding the LC10 back is its time to kill, where it won’t kill as fast as some of the most popular SMGs such as the MP40 and PPSH-41. But, its extremely low recoil makes it extremely easy to use – especially in the confines of Rebirth Island.

TikTok zero recoil LC10 Warzone loadout

TikTok Warzone LC10 loadout attachments
  • Muzzle: Agency Suppressor
  • Barrel: 13.9″ Task Force
  • Laser: Tiger Team Spotlight
  • Stock: Raider Stock
  • Magazine: Salvo 52 Rnd Fast Mag

The TikTok creator fitted the LC10 with attachments to increase its range and mobility, making it the perfect tool for Rebirth Island’s close-quarters combat.

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The Agency Suppressor helps with both recoil control and range but also keeps you hidden from the minimap when firing. The 13.9″ Task Force barrel is the perfect complement, further increasing its damage range while giving a handy boost to strafe speed.

You’ll need to be speedy to win gunfights on Warzone’s Rebirth Island, and the Tiger Team Spotlight and Raider Stock increase your sprint to fire time and aim walk movement speed, allowing you to move around and be a hard target when shooting.

Finally, the Salvo 52 Rnd Fast Mag will give you enough bullets to take down multiple enemies, and give you a fast reload so you’re always ready for the next fight.

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Image Credit: Activision