How to unlock and use the Chrysalax Wonder Weapon in Cold War Forsaken Zombies

Andrew Highton
operator using chrysalax in forsaken zombies

The incredible Chrysalax Wonder Weapon has arrived in Black Ops Cold War Season 6, find out how to get your hands on it in the Forsaken Zombies map by finding it or crafting it.

It’s true that killing endless streams of Zombies is satisfying and fun, but it can be made even better if you obtain some amazing weapons to do it. This is why you must unlock the Chrysalax Wonder Weapon during a game of Cold War’s Forsaken Zombies.

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Not only does it look like a cool, undead-slaying implement of destruction, but its special powers will make your gameplay far more efficient.

Unlocking the Chrysalax Wonder Weapon in Forsaken Zombies

chrysalax lore in cold war

There are multiple ways you can go about making sure the Chrysalax ends up in your possession.

Here are several methods to obtain the Chrysalax.

1. Crafting the Chrysalax

player holding up the chrysalax

There’s one guaranteed method to acquire the Chrysalax, and that’s by crafting it yourself in Forsaken.

Here’s how to make the Chrysalax:

  1. Lift the lockdown by turning on the power
  2. From the direction you’re facing, turn right and go into the room ahead of you
  3. Next to a Mystery Box location, you’ll see a button on the wall, push it
  4. After several rounds of Zombies, a shielded crystal will smash through the donut shop
  5. Kill enough special enemies and the shield will disappear, revealing an exposed ‘Polymorphic Crystal Core,’ take it
  6. The next step requires you to kill a Tormentor using the Flamethrower Scorestreak, and you can then pick up the ‘Tempered Crystal Heart’ it drops
  7. Now, wait for an Abomination enemy to appear, and get it to perform its long-range beam attack on an Aether Crystal and acquire the ‘Energetic Geode’
  8. Make your way to the ‘Amplifier’ section, and insert crystals into the ‘Particle Accelerator’
  9. After a few moments, you’ll then need to start meleeing zombies next to the Particle Accelerator to charge it up
  10. You’ll know you’ve done as an almost angelic audio cue will happen, and the Chrysalax will slowly rise from within the machine
  11. Take it, and go an enjoy!

2. Open the mystery box

black ops cold war mystery box

As with all incarnations of Zombies in Cold War, the map has a Mystery Box that tends to be slightly erratic and shift around from place to place. Spend 950 Points on the box and pray that the Zombies gods are in your favor, delivering you a Chrysalax.

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A nice and easy way to obtain it, but a route that requires a great deal of luck to work successfully.

3. Legendary Trial Rewards

trials machine in cold war

The Forsaken map has a trial machine for you to make use of, providing you with different objectives in exchange for great rewards.

If you are able to smash the challenge and level up your potential reward to “Legendary” tier, then you have the chance to claim a Chrysalax upon redemption of the reward.

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4. Der Eisendrache Gold Chest

cold war pinball machine side quest

There are arcade games in Forsaken, and one of them is quite important as you can potentially earn a free Chrysalax from playing one.

To do this:

  1. Collect arcade tokens dropped by Zombies
  2. Head to the arcade games and use the tokens to to trigger the “Der Eisendrache” Pinball machine
  3. You’ll be taken to an area reminiscent of the Dragon side quest in Outbreak Zombies
  4. Kill zombies in the designated area until the canisters on the side of the dragon monument are full
  5. Once you are successful, a Golden Chest will be dropped
  6. Open it, and hopefully claim a Chrysalax
  7. If not, then repeat the above steps

How to use the Chrysalax Wonder Weapon in Forsaken Zombies

adler holding chrysalax wonder weapon

Now that you hopefully have the Chrysalax Wonder Weapon, it’s time to put it to good use. To use it, you’ll need to know about its different forms.

Chrysalax Savager Disc & Melee Mode

The Chrysalax will start off in its basic melee mode, and players can perform the following actions using it:

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  • R2 / RT: Double Axe Swing
  • L2 / LT: Throw energy blade (requires energy charges)
  • Hold L2 / LT: keep energy blade spinning in place
  • Up on D-pad: Transform to gun mode

Chrysalax Storm Mode

With the Chrysalax in its gun mode, it becomes a furious new automatic weapon like the CRBR-S Wonder Weapon, and if you Pack-A-Punch it, the Chrysalax will continue to get more powerful.

These are the known methods to get the Chrysalax in Forsaken at the moment, if more become known then we’ll be sure to update this guide!

Also, check out the full update and patch notes for Zombies in Cold War Season 6.

Image Credit: Activison / Treyarch

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